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Change the site back or not? [POLL]



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  1. 1. Which site do you prefer?

    • Old one (from 2015)
    • The new recent one
  2. 2. Do you want to get the old site lay-out back?

    • Yes, I want to get the old site back
    • No, I think the new site is fine.

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Since there are many different opinions in the thread I decided I make a seperate poll. 

Question: Which site lay out do you prefer?

Question: Do you want to get the old site back?


I think I prefer the old lay-out. Suggestions look weird now and the up and downvote buttons are strange. Also I can't see recent forum topics anymore on the homepage which is annoying in my opinion. The new update also made Julia's script impossible to use for unusual suggestions... furthermore the site is kind of broken and slow for me.  

Also this: http://backpack.tf/issue/view/568fb211b98d88014ae94ad7 

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I think it is still a work in progress .. i haven't used the site in like a year but a change is always welcome .. things might get a little stale if it stays the same

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Only thing I'm not too fond of is the item tracking it's taking up a lot of space and doesnt serve any useful purpose really. Why would I [Or anyone] want to know how many items are tracked showing the forum threads and recent announcements on steam is much more useful :S

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I would have definitely preferred the premium item search option, but it seems it's no longer valid. With this new version, it will take a much longer time to find the item you want to look up and possibly purchase. I am all for change, but removing that feature will make it more inconvenient now. Seeing what new unboxes happened was also pretty interesting.

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This is way too broad of a question. There are a TON of huge changes, many of them for the best. If your question was should we change the front page back to the way it was originally that's one thing. But reverting all of the changes that have been made (most of which you probably haven't observed yet) would be a bad idea.

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This is way too broad of a question. There are a TON of huge changes, many of them for the best. If your question was should we change the front page back to the way it was originally that's one thing. But reverting all of the changes that have been made (most of which you probably haven't observed yet) would be a bad idea.

I was mainly focusing the question on the front page (suggestion lay-out, up and downvote colours, no more recent forum topics etc)

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It'd be nice to at least have an option if they're not going to revert it.

At the very least.


This new style is kinda.. Well.. Blah.. That's literally the only word I can think of to describe it.

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This is way too broad of a question. There are a TON of huge changes, many of them for the best. If your question was should we change the front page back to the way it was originally that's one thing. But reverting all of the changes that have been made (most of which you probably haven't observed yet) would be a bad idea.


Alright, then let's be specific.


I'd like front-page to not have a big block of useless crap nobody cares about on it, and also I'd like the suggestion boxes to not be fucking hideous.

I'd like the recent forum topics / recent news stickies back, they were ACTUALLY useful and removing them will in one fell swoop murder the steam group and wear its desecrated carcass as a hat. 

I'd like the same change for stats pages. Who gives a fuck about bloody paint distribution, and why does it need a MASSIVE box for the people who do.

I'd like the suggestion button to not be hidden away and not even labelled, especially considering the above.

I'd like voting to ACTUALLY WORK and maybe look even slightly intuitive.

I'd like premium search from unusual menu to actually work instead of dumping me into some menu and making me input the search criteria again into that menu, which is badly laid out. It was the ONLY thing that needed changing and everything BUT it has been changed.

I'd like the re-implication of an ACTUAL good thing the site received recently, Julia's script.


This update has made life for suggesters massively more difficult, which feels like a slap in the face, after we've supported this site for so long, for free.


Just give us the option to use the old layout. 

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My opinnion is this is to messed, literally everything changed what i liked about backpack.tf :(


It would be nice if you would have opinnion 



Like :   [2015 Backpack.tf Design] / [2016 Backpack.tf Design]

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It was always hard to accept a change when you've seen it for a long time. Backpack.tf evolves from time to time and that's how you improve anything to be more accessible and easy to use. It is just like how Windows 7 got updated to Windows 8 where lots of people complained about the start menu at first but people then got used to it and some even has said Windows has improved in 8. Reverting the site back means there will be no change and what that suggests is that backpack.tf is going to stick onto their design forever. 


I think a change is always nice as the design won't be boring from time to time, but I also think that there must be improvements whenever there's a huge change, and that's when the issue tracker or the forums comes in as people can give feedback on what the problem is with the site in order to improve it further. Here are some ideas or at least what I think the website currently could improve.

  • The item tracking takes up a lot of space and the amount of people using it will not be much. Although it does tell me that backpack.tf links with stats.tf with this data, I personally don't think it's that useful to an extend that it should be included in the main website largely. I guess if this really stays up, at least a "hide" button on the top right corner would be nice to have. 
  • The paragraphs on the suggestions while viewing the main webpage has quite a large spacing which does take up a lot of space on the main website as well. I think no spacing on the main webpage would be nice to have as well just like the text inside any suggestion.
  • The green and red colour works more for me to be honest in the voting selection, but if blue and yellow have to stay, I don't think I'll have any problems dealing with that as well.
  • The percentage of a closed suggestion really makes me think of it being closed with the percentage of people voting it down and not up. Perhaps change the colour of the numbers to green if it's over 50% or leave it white?
  • The design when viewing the history is also quite big, and really, it slows me down when viewing the history of an item, especially when I'm doing a suggestion. The list from before is better than the updated list in my opinion. 
  • I want to see who accepted my suggestion as well on my accepted suggestion so old memories won't be gone. :(
  • Well that's all for now.


I love the current item stats page and the overall new design of the suggestions as well. Although this might take me some time to "adapt" to the new features of the website, I think the new change currently is lovely.

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Couple of suggestions if they do decide to keep this initial design.


1. Move this div to the bottom of the page before the footer.






Top half keeps the original design, but people can refer to this chart by going to the bottom.


2. My OCD is very irritant of this:


Either expand the text box, have it centred or add the same 'gutter' div on the other side to even it out. Only 3-5 lines showing on the front page, preferably as well, if possible.

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As if one more opinion very resemblant of every other so far would be any use, I may as well comment.


I am very appreciative of the effort that goes into any changes, even if they make things slightly less convenient. Being a happy user of every version of Windows, including Vista and 8 (which everyone hated), I also have no issue in getting used to the new layout. However, since the topic of it's inconveniences has arisen on it's own, here are my issues that I've found with the new layout.


- The new style of suggestion boxes, being larger and less defined, makes it less clear where one suggestion starts and ends, making it thus seem less clean, which is one thing I liked about Backpack.tf. I think you could keep the new design, but just add a line or form of clear separation between each suggestion, perhaps have two very faint colours make up the background, which alternate between each suggestion. They could further benefit from having all the same height text preview in every suggestion (I didn't do that in the image below). As Mengh suggested as well, the same spacing on both sides of the text preview would also make it more visually appealing, whether that would be achieved by extending the left side, or adding the spacing to the right side.







- Item pages are more clean and seem to be heading in the right direction, but I really think a lot of space is taken up by things no one really cares about, and makes it less convenient for everyone. The paint distribution is a useless addition, and puts suggestions further down the page. The paint distribution could be put on an "advanced information" page for the selected item, combined with the charts for how they were obtained, and the level numbers, all in one separate page for the people who want them, and out of the way for the majority of people who don't. I also had a hard time finding the new "suggest price" button, as it has no clear indication of what it is unless you hover over it. I think a button to suggest a new price near the top would be easier for everyone.







- The item statistics on the main page is interesting, and shows the amount of data Backpack.tf collects on a regular basis, but it should be near the bottom, categorized by priority for regular users. The average user will want to see recent classifieds first, followed by recent forum topics and news (next to each other, as it was prior to the update), suggestions, and then the stats at the bottom, as it will be the last thing that users will need to see. It can still be there, but important information needs to still be present, and more accessible. (Thanks to Mengh facepalms. for the image, he suggested the same thing)







- Lastly, the premium item search needed an overhaul, and it got one, but the new layout isn't quite what it needed. It is headed in the right direction with having a more general search, but the process of "building a search" is unnecessary when you have already clicked "search everything", which already implies you want to search. First, I think "search everything" is a bit too vague of a name, and should use it's earlier name of "premium search", or something implying it is for premium users. Second, I think the page you arrive at upon clicking the button from the drop down menu, should simply be the search query, as that is clearly what one wants when clicking the search button.The search query is fine, but it should be open to start with, without the needless "build a search" step.








This is, of course, aside from the issues with Julia's script not functioning, but I believe it would be possible for that issue to be worked out on a new layout. The item histories are still tracked, so it would still function, but would simply need to be updated to be compatible with the new layout, just like any program when a new OS is released.


Those are just my opinions, however.

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While this update does have some things in it that can be worked with, and with time can be useful/better features, a lot of the features pushed in this update were un-needed/not asked for. If something is already functioning perfectly-there's no need to change it.


Solus pretty much summed it up better than I could've. I like the whole item stats thing, but it really does not and should not be above suggestions, period. There's really no need for it at all.


I appreciate the site's staffs' work, and there is potential with more additions/retractions from this update, but I feel as if we just aren't there yet. I like the thought of changing a lot of these things that were, although I feel as if many of them could've been executed in a better fashion. Some things, like a basic redesign of the classifieds and graphics overhaul throughout the site is a good step forwards, but the borders/lack of just doesn't make the page fit as well as it could have. Just my two-cents 

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