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I just donated

=TNW= Maximus™

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You received an ugly cool badge on your profile as well as premium perks. Which I copy/pasted from the site for you.


  • Get to use the Awesome name style.
  • New option to remove all ads from the site

  • Set a custom background image on your backpack.tf profile


  • Get to use the Awesome+ name style.
  • Donator status on the backpack.tf forums (updated daily)

  • Autobump your listings every 3 hours while online

  • April Fools' items: Ellis' Cap, Bill's Hat, Earbuds

  • April Fools' item qualities: Unique, Genuine

Also, you should get moved into the donator's group on the forums within 24 hours which will allow you access to the donators&premium exclusive group (which is incredibly garbage)




Thanks! All the perks on the main site are listed in the FAQs. In the forums, you now have access to this subforum - http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/forum/17-donators-premium-exclusive-club/


yeah basically this, ninja polar bear

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