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What did u buy in the sale


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I said I would be back for the winter sale!


What did u buy

Tell me

I bought:

Shadow of morder goty (shout out to python)

Tales from the borderlands

Bioshock infinite season pass

Just cause collection

Tomb raider

(and I'm still playing tf2....)

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Who can forget Bad Rats, which i gifted about 5 copies of to random people who added me and pissed me off

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Just Cause 2 complete + paints.


Don't really know what to feel about Just Cause 2 but for $3, seemed like a deal.


I don't really wanna spend like $10 on a game like Undertale. I could easily buy a physical copy, but it costs me $20 to add $10 into my Steam wallet because fuck taxes and all that nonsense.

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Had 40€ all sale long

Picked up Terraria

Got addicted

Played like 6+ hours a day

Forgot to check sales


sale is still going

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Mount & Blade Full Collection

Dust: An Elysian Tail

worms collection

spore all dlcs


civilization 5

flatout ultimate cargane

cities skylines

amra 2 collection

mirrors edge

serious sam complete pack



tomb raider colection

all wichers except 5

eq games pack

ea racing pack

rogue legacy

and like 5 under 1 dolar games

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