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accepted price change question


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Hello, i'd like to ask a question about price changing 




In this trade, there is price drop based on one seller, not being able to sell it for a long time at price 1 key lower that was normal, but it was gifted.


In suggestion rules, there is somewhere (in unusual I thinks) that price can be dropped based on unsolds when it's quickselling for over 3 months and no sale is made in that period. 



This thing didn't sell because it was gifted - and for rare items, "gifted" used to ruin price a lot (when you're already willing to spend tens of keys for something, you want it perfect) 

The vote was accepted with the reason that "gifted can be removed now".


Altrough that is true, shouldn't there be again the 3 month waiting period? Because the gift is removable for about 14 days top now, and before it wasn't possible, and these things usually don't sell each day? (very low demand) ? 




Thanks for clarification, got me a bit confused. 


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There are 3 sellers for 10 keys, gifted tags can be removed now so those shouldn't matter. The paints can only add to the value so that wouldn't matter either, if anything it says that they are worth less than 10 but there isn't enough evidence for that. Price suggestions are only an approximation anyways, everything there seems to point that 10 keys is a better price than 11. The market is extremely small as well.

Those are normal items so I don't know why unusual suggestion rules would apply.

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