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Foamy the Fearsome
On 11/21/2017 at 10:08 PM, FishtheFish said:

Wasn't able to capture his original offer since it happened on mobile and I hopped on PC to screenshot it, but this should give you an idea: 0966874b452b98ddaf53c503b30c5a00.png

EDIT: That first "LOL" wasn't me being a dick and laughing at his offer. He was offering a laugh taunt and called it the "schasdagsah" or something like that.

Was "LOL" not you describing him what his taunt does?


padum tss

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My profile says that my location is in Afghanistan and when people add me from out post for trades and stuff they are like "Oh, cool, are you from afghanistan?" and I'm just like "yea" and tell them a

Don't have a screenshot of it, but it was great (in summation): Him: I'd like to buy 5 Earbuds with Cash Me: $180 USD sent as gift and you pay any fees which may occur for 5 Buds. Him: Ok Him:

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Sunday, December 17, 2017
11:58 AM - Corp.fox: hi, need something?
11:59 AM - DOPY  LUTTE: yes i foolowe you ine yore chaien youtube
11:59 AM - DOPY  LUTTE: ;)
12:00 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: i love yor video and how ?? dide you do to wine a unusual taunt and hat
12:01 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: me i donte have unu ;(
12:04 PM - Corp.fox: u dont win a unusual taunt and hat
12:04 PM - Corp.fox: but do giveaways when unboxed
12:05 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: ahhh :( no monny
12:05 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: i have 4.408 heurs and i donte have unu
12:06 PM - Corp.fox: doesnt help that u used sams to do ur achievements
12:07 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: ok ty bro subscrbe one my chanel                             NASSIM  HADJI  :)
12:07 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: ibe
12:07 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: scribe xD
12:07 PM - Corp.fox: no
12:07 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: whay
12:07 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: whay no xD
12:09 PM - Corp.fox: i dont randomly sub youtubers never seen
12:09 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: whay
12:10 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: ?? whay you donte want to sub
12:11 PM - Corp.fox: ok, give me the link
12:11 PM - Corp.fox: there r so many  NASSIM  HADJI
12:13 PM - Corp.fox: link
12:13 PM - Corp.fox: anyone can say the name
12:13 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: ok
12:13 PM - Corp.fox: its not even on ur profile
12:13 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: its ok dude no ty
12:13 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: the mean when he say fakk ine yor video
12:14 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: its me
12:15 PM - Corp.fox: i have no idea if its u, the link
12:15 PM - DOPY  LUTTE: its ok bro i have to goo gode naight bro cya
12:16 PM - Corp.fox: wow...


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Bit of Context: I sent him a screenshot of a conversation with started the "oh boy"


Had to Cut out a joke here because I don't think I can post it 




I'm a People Scout now. When do we start camping?

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On 1/6/2018 at 8:49 AM, HarryG said:

read bottom first. I love my friends. All these profit traders trying to sell me crap and they all have sharks for friends. How do I just block all the scum


They've become self-aware holy lord 





Omg ben geary is the funniest shark.


Him: "You'd be stupid not to take this offer"


Me: "Then wouldn't you be stupid for offering it?"




5 mins later


Him: "I guess.."



Edit: I just realised already posted the convo itself lmao

Edited by ḎℰѦÐ! Boom
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This guy somehow thought i had a sell listing for a Collector's Dapper, and then told ME to fuck off when he had added me. Bonus points for the classic trader cliche of being super nice right up until you realize you won't get what you want.

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