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5:29 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: i actually cant remember what u look like

5:29 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: urg i have to stop GDFR now

5:29 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: what is this dog video lol

5:30 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: what is the dog video 4

5:30 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: u look like such a fag in that photo

5:30 PM - TheVenomWithin: oke

5:30 PM - TheVenomWithin: show me your pic with proof

5:30 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: u look like ur saying "wow im gangsta i have a toothpick"

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: heres my proof

5:31 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: who is that

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: me

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: it says thevenomwithin

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: if u can read

5:31 PM - ḎℰѦÃ! бум (Boom)!#Rockets: that guy is like 4 years old

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: o rly

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: btw

5:31 PM - TheVenomWithin: i got arressted


Talking to venom is hard

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My profile says that my location is in Afghanistan and when people add me from out post for trades and stuff they are like "Oh, cool, are you from afghanistan?" and I'm just like "yea" and tell them a

Don't have a screenshot of it, but it was great (in summation): Him: I'd like to buy 5 Earbuds with Cash Me: $180 USD sent as gift and you pay any fees which may occur for 5 Buds. Him: Ok Him:

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d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
09:37 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: is that you?

09:37 - TheVenomWithin: ye you nerd

09:37 - TheVenomWithin: wanna 1:1

09:37 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: Josh Smith

09:37 - TheVenomWithin: yep

09:37 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: wanna fite or wat

09:38 - TheVenomWithin: ye

09:38 - TheVenomWithin: les 1:1

09:39 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: Sounds like you are just interested in doing a 1 for 1 trade, and I'm not willing to downgrade.

09:39 - TheVenomWithin: Wow




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Hazza: my brother

Hazza: is

Hazza: amazing

Hazza: but

Hazza: terrible

Birdy: y

Hazza: someone I don't know just texted me 'Hi bro do u want to meet up as im down south in Kettering so i can meet'

Hazza: I showed him

Hazza: he took my phone

Hazza: and replied

Hazza: 'Hey bruh. Just getting my bong going. Wanna share?'

Birdy: boong?

Hazza: what you smoke weed from

Hazza: the person replied

Hazza: 'Huh do u want to meet up tomorrow or me come to urs'

Hazza: my bro replied again

Hazza: 'Well bruh it's not like I can walk around with this wacky backy. You gunna have to come to my crib.'

Birdy: lolwat

Hazza: 'ok?? why u talking nonsense?'

Hazza: 'I talkin english bruh. Get yo grammar in check. Srslr bruh who tryin 2 link wiv me?'

Hazza: 'It is harry yeah??'

Hazza: 'Ye bruh who diz b?'

Hazza: '(one of my friends from primary school who moved to Northumberland (in scotland)) so wht time u want to meet tomoz?'

Hazza: Jesus christ

Hazza: He's gonna come to my house tomorrow

Hazza: and be like

Hazza: what the fuck was that

Hazza: lel

Hazza: thx bro

Hazza: amazing

Hazza: but terrible
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12:25 PM - ⌠$ulKeR⌡: whats up

12:25 PM - Chosen Person [TR]: Hey

12:25 PM - Chosen Person [TR]: Are U Have Tickets Im Coming From Bp.tf

12:26 PM - Chosen Person [TR]: Are U Here

12:26 PM - Chosen Person [TR]: ?

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Grimm: Grimm: I'll suck your dick 11:39:07 PM 
pof123 added The Ap-Sap 11:39:13 PM 
Grimm: This is how my trades go 

DaDarka: u need snicker 
Omnom: I got snicker 
Omnom: in my ass 
DaDarka: ill eat it 
Omnom: taste like bacon when it came out 

Rebekka The Neko: So at school earlier today 
Rebekka The Neko: Someone had written "pootis" on one of the desks 
Rebekka The Neko: And under it I wrote "yes" 
Omnom: xD 
Rebekka The Neko: o3o 

Mark|Padaslic: omnom 
Mark|Padaslic: can you sell me max? 
Mark|Padaslic: i give you bill 
Mark|Padaslic: pink 

(April 20, 2015) 
Bull: HAPPY 4-20 HAVE FUN 
Omnom: ye 
Omnom: blaze it with me later? 
Bull: yeye fosho 
Omnom: hell ye 

*DEAD* Shake: life is hard 
*DEAD* Omnom: I'm hard 

KapitalKrow: k not talking to u for 6 weeks 
KapitalKrow: starting naow 
Omnom: 6? thats it? 
Omnom: dem 
Omnom: im getting off lucky 
Omnom: gettin off that dick 
Omnom: dam\ 

Echo: fuck you are bad at navigating 
Omnom: navigaying 
Echo: fight me 
Echo: ᕙ༼ ͡° Í¡ Íœ Í¡Ê– Í¡ °༽ᕙ 

Omnom: foreveralone? nahhh, I'm one of those cheap bitches; i'm free if you show me a good time c: 
wtb friends #foreveralone: hnng 

no.: I have literally never heard of Sindex 
no.: so 
no.: xD 
no.: I've heard of windex tho 
no.: its the toothpaste I use 
ℋυᾔηḯḯℬℯαґ: LOL 

KapitalKrow: Assume i have a small vagina below my left shoulderblade 
KapitalKrow: would u fuk? r8 pls 
no.: no because knowing you I'd probably get diabetes 
KapitalKrow is now Offline. 

wtb sexy female companion: will you be my sexy female companion 
xTcR | Dá´É´á´œá´›ãƒ„ [TF-L4]: of course my love 
xTcR | Dá´É´á´œá´›ãƒ„ [TF-L4]: As long as I can bring my toys 
wtb sexy female companion: o 

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Litwick: HEllo

Litwick: You added?

[TCW] Froshizy: hi

[TCW] Froshizy: r u selling the hermes

[TCW] Froshizy: peaces sign

Litwick: Yeah

[TCW] Froshizy: i have 24 keys in unusuas

[TCW] Froshizy: it is a circling hearts hetman

Litwick: Nty

[TCW] Froshizy: ok?

[TCW] Froshizy is now Offline.


EDIT: He added me again.


Litwick: Hello

[TCW] Froshizy: hi

[TCW] Froshizy: r u selling the scout unusual

Litwick: Yes

[TCW] Froshizy: what was it again

Litwick: C. Peace Sign

[TCW] Froshizy: i have a hetmans, circling hearts, 25 kyes, second owner

[TCW] Froshizy: its for engi

Litwick: As last time, no thank you

[TCW] Froshizy: huh?

Litwick: You added me earlier

[TCW] Froshizy: oh shi i didXD

Litwick: With the exact same offer

[TCW] Froshizy: how much r the toughs?

Litwick: Toughs?

[TCW] Froshizy: stuff muffs?

Litwick: Wait my DBD Muffs?

Litwick: Not for sale.

[TCW] Froshizy: i have 203 in unusuals

Litwick: I highly doubt that just browsing through your bp, but again, they are not for sale.


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stee☡o: yooy

stee☡o: you got keys dawg?

λngelღмander: more than two hundred fifty

stee☡o: music to my ears

λngelღмander: Meme seller

λngelღмander: I need your strongest memes

stee☡o: how much for a karambit blue steel ww?

λngelღмander: whoops

λngelღмander: \wrong chat

λngelღмander: x_x

λngelღмander: that was so strange to say

λngelღмander: im sorr

λngelღмander: u

stee☡o: kara blue steel ww and huntsman blue steel ww

stee☡o: combo deal

stee☡o: huntsman mw*

stee☡o: not ww

λngelღмander: okay

stee☡o: let me know asap

λngelღмander: almost done

λngelღмander: 104

stee☡o: only 104?

λngelღмander: You can always shoot low

λngelღмander: but once you shoot

λngelღмander: high

λngelღмander: you can never go down

λngelღмander: How much were you looking for

λngelღмander: I'd give you more, but as you know the market is a bit shaky

stee☡o: tell me what your valuing the kara at

λngelღмander: I was thinking about holding on to my keys for a lil while

λngelღмander: 210 dollars

stee☡o: in keys

λngelღмander: oh

λngelღмander: 68-69

stee☡o: how so low?

stee☡o: thats lower than 80% even

λngelღмander: lol definitely not

λngelღмander: valuing the knife at 210, because the markets dropping and its sold below 210

stee☡o: go up a bit on both

λngelღмander: 87 percent is 73

λngelღмander: so 68 is like 80 flat, maybe a little less

λngelღмander: I guess I could do 105 on both

stee☡o: 106?

λngelღмander: 105? :3

λngelღмander: cmon we do this every time

stee☡o: 106 m8

λngelღмander: 105

stee☡o: imma win dawg fight me

stee☡o: 106

λngelღмander: you fite me

λngelღмander: 105

stee☡o: 106

λngelღмander: 105

stee☡o: left hook

stee☡o: 106

λngelღмander: dodge

stee☡o: uppercut

stee☡o: ko

stee☡o: send for 106

λngelღмander: uppercut

λngelღмander: fatality

λngelღмander: 105

stee☡o: seriously tho

stee☡o: imma do 106

λngelღмander: whats wrong with 105

stee☡o: since you boutta make bank

λngelღмander: its still a lot of keys

stee☡o: i know you know how much profit ur gonna make

stee☡o: do 106

stee☡o: make my day

λngelღмander: you make my day

λngelღмander: 105

λngelღмander: I wont even be getting more than ten percent out of this

λngelღмander: :P

λngelღмander: for a week of not having 105 keys, thats a lot

stee☡o: ok ill keep you in mind

stee☡o: imma look around tho

stee☡o: 105 is your offer

λngelღмander: one key matters that much to you buddy? I never really understood

λngelღмander: I never sell knives for keys, I wouldn't know

λngelღмander: back when I did tf2 unusuals though

λngelღмander: one key was never that big a difference on more than 100 for me

λngelღмander: not that I ever let people boss me around :P

λngelღмander: also I think theyre on the market

stee☡o: 106 you got a deal lol its that simple :)

λngelღмander: i was gonna trade offer you 105, because often times seeing all the keys makes people do it

λngelღмander: but you have them all hidden

λngelღмander: 105

λngelღмander: :D

stee☡o: ok then

stee☡o: ill talk to you later i guess

λngelღмander: alright fine, I'll look at the stupid knives again

λngelღмander: if you'll be that stubborn

λngelღмander: Gah

λngelღмander: you did me in

λngelღмander: sucker I'll do 106

λngelღмander: take em off the market you scoundrel >:D

λngelღмander: since when do I let people talk me up

stee☡o: since you met me

stee☡o: muhahahaha

λngelღмander: xD

stee☡o: jk luv u

λngelღмander: <3





Normally, conversations with this guy don't get this weird

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(Me and Box discussing about the Stormy Storm Caribbean Conqueror vs. MN Fukaamigasa + 8 keys)

Eye of Sphereon: GOT THE FUKA
The Merchant: Pffft.
The Merchant: Hilarious.
Eye of Sphereon: AND 8 KEYS
The Merchant: Ye got da fuka?
The Merchant: YE GOT DA FUKA?
Eye of Sphereon: I HAVE AN IDEA FOR IT
Eye of Sphereon: YUP
The Merchant: YE GOT DA FUCKER?
Eye of Sphereon: FUCKERMIKASA
The Merchant: whoa, we don't mention about Wubsies' waifu here.

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Gren: hi

OneGameOneGamer: i saw u were selling the aussie scatter

OneGameOneGamer: are u interested in a sunbeam sack

Gren: yup

Gren: eh selling the aussie, yup, not sure about the sack yet

OneGameOneGamer: worth 49keys on bp.tf

Gren: its outdated and inflated

OneGameOneGamer: ok bye i guess then

Gren: cool

OneGameOneGamer is now Offline.
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d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
18:51 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: hey

19:08 - gHoStâ„¢: hey

19:08 - gHoStâ„¢: i saw from [email protected] that u have 2 stock knifes

19:09 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | #ScammedByWayne: none are for sale tho

20:15 - Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.

20:15 - Connected again and rejoined chat.

21:06 - gHoStâ„¢: oh

21:06 - gHoStâ„¢: that sucks

21:06 - gHoStâ„¢: how about just your m9


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CrafterofGenius: ded?
Senpai Mario (BG-M): tried
Senpai Mario (BG-M): failed
Senpai Mario (BG-M): the rope broke
CrafterofGenius: get good
CrafterofGenius: get ropebox
Senpai Mario (BG-M): ^
Senpai Mario (BG-M): well
Senpai Mario (BG-M): i need to think of other ways
Senpai Mario (BG-M): to ask her out
Senpai Mario (BG-M): ;C
CrafterofGenius: Does it make you uncomfortable that I'm only in my boxers
Senpai Mario (BG-M): nope
Senpai Mario (BG-M): same here

CrafterofGenius: :B1:

Senpai Mario (BG-M): :B1:

CrafterofGenius: im all moist
CrafterofGenius: and half naked
CrafterofGenius: take me, senpai

Senpai Mario (BG-M): alright :B1:


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Never tell your password to anyone.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

N!K: Hey

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: h

Narla: hh

Narla: hey

Narla: geuss what

N!K: whoa

N!K: what/.

Narla: i found out how to dupe

N!K: .-.

Narla: i did

N!K: cool

Narla: u wan too know how

N!K: how?

Narla: its a glitch in the inventroy

Narla: but i cant tell u fully unless you pay me some money in skins

Narla: because i had to pay this guy too find out

N!K: LOL im fine then thanks

N!K: also, whyd you pick Nala to impersonate?

Narla: idk

Narla: just decided them

N!K: fair nuff, i'll be reporting you btw

Narla: okay

Narla is now Offline.

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Never tell your password to anyone.
Senpai Mario (BG-M): Hello
Senpai Mario (BG-M): you added me
D4m1anZVR: I want to buy founding father
D4m1anZVR: tf2
Senpai Mario (BG-M): kk
Senpai Mario (BG-M): trade me'
You have accepted the trade request from D4m1anZVR.
D4m1anZVR: I craft
Senpai Mario (BG-M): k
You have accepted the trade request from D4m1anZVR.
D4m1anZVR: thanks
Senpai Mario (BG-M): Email isnt coming up
Senpai Mario (BG-M): Waiting still..
D4m1anZVR: fast
Senpai Mario (BG-M): try trading again
D4m1anZVR has accepted your request to trade.
Senpai Mario (BG-M): Accepted the email
Senpai Mario (BG-M): now you need to
D4m1anZVR: lel i not have
Senpai Mario (BG-M): should be there in a sec
Senpai Mario (BG-M): try refreshing
D4m1anZVR: you accepted e mail?
Senpai Mario (BG-M): yes
D4m1anZVR: I not have
Senpai Mario (BG-M): accept then lol
D4m1anZVR: I not have :(
D4m1anZVR: try again
You have accepted the trade request from D4m1anZVR.
Senpai Mario (BG-M): still dont have?
D4m1anZVR: nope :(
D4m1anZVR is now Offline.
I removed him

I've had enough have a crap day, don't need to deal with this headache

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★. Scorchen

People this just think they know everything about trading. They doubt lower statistical players and assume as if they're on some sort of pedestal.


Sorry if anything said in the lower chat messages offends anyone.



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