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5:40 PM - KACPERr: i want grey paint
5:40 PM - KACPERr: but i have 1.66
5:40 PM - KACPERr: :/
5:40 PM - cancerous andy: why did you add me
5:41 PM - KACPERr: so u not sell me paint?
5:41 PM - cancerous andy: why would I sell it for 1.66?
5:42 PM - KACPERr: u have any offert?
5:43 PM - KACPERr: for 2 ref?
5:43 PM - cancerous andy: I've sold a few for 2 ref.
5:43 PM - KACPERr: ok
5:44 PM - cancerous andy: thanks for just wasting my time..
5:44 PM - KACPERr: wait
5:44 PM - cancerous andy: what?
5:44 PM - KACPERr: srat XD
5:44 PM - KACPERr is now Offline.

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My profile says that my location is in Afghanistan and when people add me from out post for trades and stuff they are like "Oh, cool, are you from afghanistan?" and I'm just like "yea" and tell them a

Don't have a screenshot of it, but it was great (in summation): Him: I'd like to buy 5 Earbuds with Cash Me: $180 USD sent as gift and you pay any fees which may occur for 5 Buds. Him: Ok Him:

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Never tell your password to anyone.
[ΦΣ] Sheep: My butt hurts
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: hot
[ΦΣ] Sheep: lewd
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: and gay
[ΦΣ] Sheep: i'm gay
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: what the HELL man
[ΦΣ] Sheep: anal pleasure
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: do you suck cocks?
[ΦΣ] Sheep: yep
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: i dont know waht to say
[ΦΣ] Sheep: good
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: ):
[ΦΣ] Sheep: :3
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: so whats the dealio dweeb
[ΦΣ] Sheep: I don't know i just wanted to add you
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: why
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: nohomo here dude
[ΦΣ] Sheep: i know but you seemed cool
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: cool as HELL bruh
[ΦΣ] Sheep: yah
[ΦΣ] Sheep: I'm also cool
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: and gay
[ΦΣ] Sheep: yeah
[ΦΣ] Sheep: do they cancel eachother out?
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: yes
[ΦΣ] Sheep: darn
[ΦΣ] Sheep: well i'm not as cool as i thought i was then
Avenger;Sperg the Fool: i guess so

omg ur so cool and hot, totally lewd

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lukecandy: hello

[scrap.tf] Scrapta Clause: Hiya

You cannot trade with [scrap.tf] Scrapta Clause because they are currently trading with someone else.

lukecandy: trade me

[scrap.tf] Scrapta Clause: I will trade with you, but you have to do it from scrap.tf

lukecandy: Sorry but my command interpreter doesn't have a response for that.

[scrap.tf] Scrapta Clause: It's okay.


so sympathetic, lol
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Julia Gillard the Honest

I just had a bit of an interesting conversation.

Julia Gillard the Honest: Hello?
Anonymous Benefactor: hey there
Anonymous Benefactor: I am here to ask for your help
Anonymous Benefactor: sorry for not contacting you with my real account, but the friends list is full :s
Julia Gillard the Honest: I'm sorry but do I know you?
Anonymous Benefactor: I'm afraid not
Anonymous Benefactor: at least I don't think so
Anonymous Benefactor: to be honest, I don't know you either
Anonymous Benefactor: but I'm here to ask for your help anyway
Julia Gillard the Honest: Okay but what kind of help exactly?
Anonymous Benefactor: I saw that you have backpack.tf premium
Anonymous Benefactor: I currently need the help of someone who has backpack.tf premium
Anonymous Benefactor: because Brad Pitt is too busy atm
Julia Gillard the Honest: Oh I see. I understand what you're after and if it was up to me I wouldn't mind helping but I don't think that I should because it's his database and I don't have permission to share it.
Julia Gillard the Honest: Sorry that I can't help.
Anonymous Benefactor: I'm friends with him, for instance
Anonymous Benefactor: well, my real account is
Anonymous Benefactor: but, yeah, he's too busy to help me atm
Anonymous Benefactor: helped fix bazaar.tf yesterday
Anonymous Benefactor: currently looking for people who are capable of helping me out
Julia Gillard the Honest: Okay but I'm not going to distribute someone else's work without his permission. I'm sorry but it's illegal in my country. I'll be happy to help if/after he agrees.
Anonymous Benefactor: hmn
Anonymous Benefactor: all I would have been asking for was two or three item searches
Julia Gillard the Honest: Have you tried TF2 Unusual-Hat-Search?
Anonymous Benefactor: not unusuals
Anonymous Benefactor: I have manually checked roughly 2100 backpacks in the past 4 days
Anonymous Benefactor: by hand
Anonymous Benefactor: I was unable to find what I was looking for
Julia Gillard the Honest: If you're not after unusuals then you won't have too much competition so don't worry too much; they'll still be available when you can talk to Brad.
Anonymous Benefactor: I couldn't care less about unusuals
Anonymous Benefactor: anyway, thank you for your time
Julia Gillard the Honest: Good luck in your search. Don't worry; the items will still be available when you can access the database.
Anonymous Benefactor is now Offline.
Anonymous Benefactor: of course they will



I wasn't sure about how to help this person so basically didn't. Does anyone know what I should have done here? He remained polite and friendly but, as I said in it, what he was asking for is illegal in my country without permission. I certainly don't plan to start using premium searches for other people but I really wasn't expecting anyone to ever ask.

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I just had a bit of an interesting conversation.



I wasn't sure about how to help this person so basically didn't. Does anyone know what I should have done here? He remained polite and friendly but, as I said in it, what he was asking for is illegal in my country without permission. I certainly don't plan to start using premium searches for other people but I really wasn't expecting anyone to ever ask.

Someone asked about a specific craft number too once. Nothing special like #1375 or something like that. I was playing so I told him maybe later but he found the item in the meantime. I wouldn't have a problem with sharing a few things to be honest. Of course it all depends on the situation.

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✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔





Me: hey
Him is now Away.
Him is now Online.
Me: yo
Him: WAT
Him: WHO
Him: WHO U?
Him: ME
Him: U
Me: You adde me
Him: WAT
Him: o
Him: hold one
Him: Hold
Me: sure
Him: on
Him: 1 sec
Him: o yea
Him: now i know
Him: i have a ques for u
Him: how the fuck
Me: k
Him: u get
Him: ur bp
Me: ???
Him: ur tf2 back pack
Me: rephrase the question
Him: How
Him: did
Him: u
Him: get
Him: so much shit
Me: idling
Me: trading
Him: Well
Him: for idling
Him: i have a ques
Him: if i idle
Him: 1 day straight
Him: how many items
Me: no you dont get banned/caught
Him: can i get?
Me: 8-12 items/week/account\
Him: Ah
Him: um
Him: and why u have so much
Him: vintage dalks
Me: becuase I bought them all with metal
Me: its fun
Him: well um
Him: how much metal
Him: u pay?
Me: .33 each
Him: And lastly
Him: would u like to buy
Him: a hat
Me: wat hat

Me: 1.33
Him: well
Him: it is a crafted
Him: bro
Me: I dont buy hats ac tually
Me: sry
Him: ?
Him: why
Him: well
Him: wat do u buy mate?
Me: chocolate
Me: unusuals
Him: How much would u pay
Him: for 100 choco
Me: plain or vintage
Me: I dont erally need plain
Him: Vintage
Me: id pay 33.33 refined + some sweets
Him: Holy
Him: shit
Him: I will
Him: brb
Him: ima go
Him: to warehous
Him: i have around
Him: 20k points
Him: on tf2 warehouse
Him: lol
Him: so
Him: how much
Him: per choco
Me: .33
Me: refined
Him: so
Me: 1 reclaimed
Me: 3 for 1 refined
Him: wow
Him: 1 rec a peice
Him: thats not that bad actually
Him: i can supply u
Him: weekly
Him: if anything
Me: I already buy from tf2wh
Me: I bought 30 last night
Him: so
Him: thats
Him: 6 for a key
Him: right?
Me: no
Me: key = 3.5-3.66 now
Him: so thats
Me: id pay a key for 10-11
Him: Ah
Him: so
Him: what got u
Him: hooked on
Him: choco
Me: v sandviches were already being colelcted
Me: so i picked chocolate instead
Him: lol
Him: anything eles
Him: u collecting?
Me: nop
Him: well
Him: orginally
Him: added u to sell a hat
Him: but
Him: sold it earlier
Me: what kind, plain or unusual
Him: unusual
Him: western wear
Him: with ghost
Me: who did you sell it too 
Him: my friend
Him: Cpt.duck
Him: He put it
Him: in his secret account
Him: and i put my payment
Him: in secret
Him: got 3 buds
Him: 20 keys
Me: cool ,thats more than I would have payed ^^
Me: Im just looking for cheap stuff anyway
Him: Well
Him: u gutta start buying heavy pocket hitters
Him: they will always be worth its cost
Him: u know
Him: my friend tho
Him: i will tell u
Him: i have a friend
Him: that has
Him: the most
Him: hat
Him: EVE
Him: like worth ur bp
Him: x
Him: 1000
Me: wow what hat is it
Him: its
Him: a hat
Him: that no ones eles
Him: has
Him: because it was patched
Him: he has
Him: a unusual
Him: bill
Him: with ghosts
Him: it is worth
Him: 500 buds
Him: 1000 keys
Him: no one eles but few have it
Him: cause if u went back
Him: to tf2
Him: with this hat
Him: in ur bp
Him: is goes away
Me: well have a nice day bro
Him: u to mate
Him: hold on
Him: nvm
Him: lol
Him: bye
Him is now Offline.



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Yesterday somebody added me to buy a sharp dresser, and when I said I'd take craftable weapons they traded me and put 18 weapons in the window. I said that was only half of what I was asking and they just said "plz" like five times, and added one more. So I closed the trade and then they said "fuck your mother" in Romanian.


When I called them rude, and said I didn't go around insulting their mothers, they said "no, not you different." So I de-added them.

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