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Name my Gibus, win metal


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Made a status about it earlier, but making a thread about it for more publicity.


Just give my Gibus a name and/or description, and if I like it I'll give you 3 ref. Potentially easy metal. Only 1 winner (obviously).


No sarcastic names please although that might be a bit much to ask from you lot


I know that tf2tags exists, and I don't like any of the names there.



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Name: "ayy"

Description: "lmao"


I suck at names.

Name: "Christmas gift from Gaben"
Description: "I just wasted the Name and Description tags from my Gift Stuffed Stocking! Too bad you can remove the Gifted tag! How confusing, you WOULD never expect this though MWAHAHA"

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Hat of Undeniable Shame and Disrespect (although I feel I may have heard that somewhere before)

Tag: The Hat of Hipsters (or that could also be a name)

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