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Looking to update my mousepad.

Mr. Slanders

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It's not really a mouse pad but more of a desk pad, my old mouse-pad that I've had for years has its sides wearing off and I'm looking for the biggest mousepad or desk pad. I've looked at Ripper XXL and Corepad XXXXXL and I'm wondering if there is any "better" pads out there. I play on incredibly low DPI and sensitivity and grown accustomed to it.

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These mousepads are cheaper, and reviews suggest they are near identical in quality to all of the other big brand names.


In addition to that, they are edge stitched and machine washable, unlike some other big name pads where merely using a damp cloth will cause it to peel.






In short, it seems that these pads are cheaper and always come with stitched edges and machine washable at any price point.


I am not sure what "trick" these guys have up their sleeve to make them so cheap, or whether they are just cutting their profit margins extremely thin. I really hope they do not become bankrupt a few years later.

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