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Concerning Stranges on other item qualities.


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(I'm going to be ignoring strange/haunted items as there is not much concern there) With the addition of strangifiers, some items can have multiple qualities, notably strange/(Vintage or genuine) items. As a collector and a trader, I currently am not sure if I like that or not. So here I will list some concerns and questions.


Should we start looking at strange items as an addition, like paint or killstreak?

This is only something that crossed my mind while typing this post. This would only really be a question for limited and rare items or of valuable qualities (Unusual, Haunted, Collector's, Vintage, and Genuine).


What items should I keep in my collection?

Before it was simple. If an item is available in special qualities, I would get an item for each quality besides Unique. Now with different strange qualities, what should I do? Get a strange for each quality? Or should I just strangify one item, maybe the collector's version, and keep the other qualities in my backpack?


How will items of multiple qualities' prices be found?

Now the important question. Would a strange/vintage weapon have its own price separate from the purely strange or vintage? Or would be an equation? An equation, for example, like this:

Q=Item of a quality price (Anything besides unique and strange)

S=Strange item price

U=Unique price

Q+(S-U)=Item price.


I should note that although I am just a moderate trader that currently deals mainly in items that are worth less than a key, not one of the hardcore traders.

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Did I hear Collection?

Essentially my collecting pathway is this, for weapons


Collector's + Skins --> Botkillers --> Festives --> Stock --> Shitstraliums


For Cosmetics, I collect every non-unique or purple quality




It's wise to not strangify every item of a certain thing you have


ie say you have a Collector's and Genuine Widowmaker. Imo it's a better idea to strangify the Collector's than the Genuine, since Collector's items are kinda used to be Pro KS'd and Strangified. Genuines, however, unless hats, are not


Their worth? SCM has a page designated for Strange Genuines, Strange Vintages, Strange Unusuals etc now, just use those prices

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1) Yes, we should start looking mixed quality stranges as an add-on, simply because like how one uses a killstreak kit on an item, we use a strangifier on an item as well. 

2) Whether to keep these as your collection, it's up to you.

3) I have a strange collector's widowmaker. Using your formula, it would mean that my widowmaker would cost 140+(18-0.05)=157.95 ref. The unique price is so insignificant that if I were to round up the result, it would be the same as adding the strange value with the quality value. For me, I don't count the strange part of the quality items as value, meaning a strange collector's widowmaker would cost the same as a collector's widowmaker.

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