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Which is better, Searing Plasma or Miami Nights?


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searing is subtle, if you're into that. i liked miami when i first saw it, before i knew anything about tiers etc. so aesthetically, contextual information about rarity etc aside, it's quite nice.

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MN is a bit of an eyesore, it's bland in colour too

It's a frickin' rainbow, essentially, how it is bland? It's not bland, it's pastel. :3


I think Miami is mostly hated on because the market was flooded with too damn much of it.


DBD for example, had the same thing happen--market was flooded, all the traders hated them, prices crashed, there were no survivors, etc.

Then people realized it actually looks good, and since you don't have >9,000 unboxed per minute any more, demand is catching up to supply. I've sold a couple of DBD hats for 1.5-2x bp value, because it's a nice effect and people are willing to pay for it. Since Miami isn't as nice as DBD, the process will take longer for Miami, but I think it'll still happen...at least somewhat.

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