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Asteroid that could injure thousands


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Creationist Website? Check!

Ad discussing President Obama's New World Order? Check!

Cringy clickbait titles with articles that end up being false but are usually vague enough that they're not "wrong"? Check!


I don't know how you ended up on this site, but to put it in perspective Fox News and Huffington Post look like unbiased and reliable news sources in comparison.

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So, apparently, it's going to reach us. at about 20% of the distance to the moon. this is an on scale image of earth, moon & distance between them ( it's rather large, so I post it as link instead of img). And even if it were to hit our atmosphere, it's still considered a small astroid. Wikipedia indicates,there are about 20 small astroids hitting our atmosphere every year.
Oh, and btw, the Chelyabinsk meteor (You know, the Russian on of 2013) was not only larger, it also had a kill count of ... ZERO. Dispite exploding near a populatied area,

Russian authorities stated that 1,491 people, including 311 children, sought medical attention in Chelyabinsk Oblast within the first few days. Health officials said 112 people had been hospitalised, with two in serious condition.
However most of the injured were hurt by the secondary blast effects, that is the shattered, falling or blown-in glass

-- wikipedia




So ... really ... what? ISIS wasn't enough to make people afraid, so, lets spoud some nonsense about if the meteor who's not going to hit us, might hit us, a couple of people might get hit with glass shards.

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There's this asteroid with an unpredictable course

I found it on this website im not sure if its legit or not, im just letting you guys know





Only those 3 'notable' sites are actually reporting on 'this event' and, coincidentally, Express and ETH are by the same author, and everything is simply copied out word-for-word. I call bs.

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1) I doubt it's true and you should use reliable sources of information instead of clear click baits.


2) If an asteroid or any pieces of asteroids are big enough, managed to pass through the atmosphere and was flying straight at you there isnt exactly much you can do so just consider it bad luck if you get hit (y)

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