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Need help regarding lag


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I've got a whole new pc. Ultra fast and shizzle.


When I opened TF2 first, I got some 1-sec-lag every minute or so. I thought it could be because of the bad wireless connection, so I thought: "no problem".

Now I've got cable, and it is still happening. It doesn't matter on what server I go, lag happens sometimes.


Any clue how this comes and better: how to get rid of it?



Kind regards.

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I had the same problem because of WZC, but that's a wireless issue, and you said you're hooked up directly. 


Still, I'd recommend trying the little program I have the link to below. It was recommended on the Steam forums before to stop regular in-game lag with online multiplayer games. Though you are playing while directly connected to your internet service, it's possible that WZC is still doing its crap in the background for no reason. (For reference, WZC is something that comes with Windows computers that'll check for wireless connections every 30 seconds. It will sometimes mess with connections when you're on a completely stable connection, and may even try to connect you wirelessly if you're hooked up via cables, which messes your gameplay up.)


The program: http://www.martin-majowski.de/wlanoptimizer/index.php?option=com_rokdownloads&view=file&Itemid=2&lang=en


I've used this myself. I actually have it running non-stop in the background, and have done that for months. So, I can confirm that it's not a virus. :) Also, it really does help; I haven't had lag problems at all since I started using it. (When you first open it, I recommend going to the second tab and checking the first, second, last and second-to-last boxes. The first two allow it to start up automatically with your computer and hide it in the background, while the last two optimize gameplay.)


EDIT: The download link is at the bottom. It's just the word "Download".

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