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About backpack.tf buy orders disappearing.


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Hello everyone,


So basically, my buy orders were disappearing for a few days, then only today, I found out that if you don't have the metal that you want with, backpack.tf will NOT allow you to post the buy order. I may just be stupid,but,I hope I helped some people who did not notice this and were surprised that their buy orders disappeared unknowingly. So thus, you must the amount of metal higher or the same as the price you are purchasing the item you want. For example, You want to buy the Fresh Brewed Victory Taunt for 4.33ref, you must have 4.33 or more in your backpack.


I hope I helped someone with this post :)



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this is more fit for website discussion subforum, but 'ight


(not sure what you're doing with buy orders you can't fulfill but uh

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