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Fav games of this year?


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as 2015 comes to a close im interested what your favorite games that you played this year are/were.


im going to try and say exclude tf2 and cs:go (but im not the boss of you)  



mine have to be


Bioshock franchise (especially infinite)

DMC: Devil may cry


Hotline miami 2

Borderlands 2

Elder scrolls v: Skyrim 


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Just Cause 3 grapple grapple simulator

Ballout 4

Black Ops 3 Zombies specifically


BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea

Arkham Knight backflip into my car simulator

csgo updates weren't too bad this year

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Just cause 3 looks really good, will get it next year in a sale some time.

Ck2agot but that's only a full overhaul mod, not a proper new game

The AOE2 expansion because it's AOE2

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I wish i could say fallout 4.


But honestly i think Witcher 3 will get most of the GOTY awards and its currently my favorite game this year and one of my favorites in a long time.


My favorite indie is probably hotline miami 2 or undertale. If it wasn't for the soundtrack i wouldn't probably enjoy hotline miami 2 as much. If it wasn't for undertale, i wouldn't probably enjoy indie games as much as i do now, so maybe that answers my favorite indie this year  :D

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