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Whats your most favorite spy cosmetics?

Hey it isnt stupid if it

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I think they work best in sets:


Charmer's Chapeau (surprised?)

Tomb Readers

Distinguished Rogue



Merc's Pride Scarf

Cutthroat Concierge


Familiar Fez

Backstabber's Boomslang

Blood Banker


Hong Kong Cone

Noh Mercy

Rogue's Robes

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Polar pullover

Pyrovision googles

Cut throat concierge


Cheap and cool. I even got a few compliments in valve servers by other P2Pers (unbeliavable xD never thought people were able to compliment others for their cosmetic loadout)

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The ring looks good on spy. Depends what set youre trying to make, i like to keep a slightly menacing set to scare people when stabbing :P So mine at the moment is the belgian, noh mercy, and switching between the lady killer/cutthroat

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