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Best Gadgets/Apps for a PC?


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Saw someone post a thread on the best anti-virus software, because they got a new pc.


I also got a new pc, and am wondering not only the best anti-virus software, but the best EVERYTHING software.


So, im wondering..


(?) What programs do you guys like to use?

(?) What does it do?

(?) Why?

(?) How long have you been using it?


Like currently for me, I like to use flvto 8f937d7b73e8b4063f263a3dace47f53.png (flvto.com)

Its a website that lets you paste a youtube URL, and download it as an mp3 file. Ive been using it for like a year, and I really like it because it only takes like 45 seconds, even on mobile.


Another would be gyazo. you all know it, but yeah just neat programs like that that can do useful junk.


So, what kind of anti-virus/other neat/useful programs do you guys use?



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Sharex for screenshots

Notepad++ for text editing

Steam for unknown reasons

Chrome for web browsing

Malwarebytes for antivirus

Telegram for messaging


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bitdefender free edition and malwarebytes for anti virus. i like to use lightshot over gyazo idk why.


to download and steal youtube videos like the filthy thief you are I like to use youtubetomp3's plugin where there's just a "Download this video" button right on the same page.


speccy for looking at your hardwares temperatures, so if you have an amd card and you don't want your house to burn down you should probably get this program.

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I like to use steam, am told it's very useful for gaming




(more seriously though I use malware bytes and avira for antivirus)

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Granted that you have money, the paid version of Bitdefender (Internet Security version will do) plus Malwarebytes free. If you want to check your pc's specs and other such things get CPUID's CPU-Z and Hwmonitor for temperature and fan speeds.

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pu.sh master race > filthy gyazo peasants

sony vegas pro and fraps can be downloaded for free, theres tutorials on youtube

yeah if you're a dirty eye patch wearing peg legger 


even though I have both of those programs free from youtube sry mom

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OpenOffice, if you don't have the money for (or skills to download) Office.

- I'm not using it yet, but probably gonna use it on my pc.


VLC media player

- Best video media player out there.

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