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hi, new here


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hi, i dont like your reputation on comment section plz http://steamcommunity.com/id/mpYman/




Also hi, im this backpack.tf god and admeen and i controll here everything, so now i can ban u and unban you if i want.



and this time I was not so good in trades.... 

but now i'm good in trades (i hope..)

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They told me this was a sanctuary for happy, well integrated, nice people who share thoughts and ideas with understanding for others


This place is nothing like the brochures they gave me


You'll need a tinfoil hat to survive here, the government watches us...

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This place

is toxic

and fucking insane

but has loveable people

so stay a while

drink a cup of tea with gent and others

and slowly die with the rest of us as we lose brain cells

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