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Competitive Matchmaking Beta pass


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I just reread this blog post:






the TF2 team is busy putting together the next major update, which should be out by the end of the year. It'll feature new maps, cosmetics, and a new campaign with contracts and weapon collections. We’re also working on things like competitive matchmaking, perf, balance improvements and moving Mannpower Mode out of beta with a new map.


I had previously interpreted that as valve saying they were aiming to have matchmaking out by the end of the year, but on re-reading...it doesn't really say that :/

Still, I guess it's progress that beta passes are going out to select comp players.

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The valve implemented comp will really only serve to introduce people to the format, organizations like UGC, ETF2L, ESEA, and etc certainly won't go away but they might see a population spike when this goes public.

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