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Script issues with keybinding and key combinations


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Some assistance please!


I am quite new to scripting, and I started using them to make more comfortable playing as I am a left handed (sense of the story: I am trying to bind voice responses, disguises and such stuff to the numpad).


As I concentrated most of what I need to my beloved numpad, I wanted to use Shift to create key combinations, and so, save space putting multiple double functions per numpad key.


However, of all I wrote, following the wiki, only the 3 voice comms work. The disguises, the tele exit, and the weapon slots don't work. Obviously as I am saying it right now you aren't understanding a single thing, so here it is the autoexec.cfg I am unable to fix:




bind shift "+toggleState" //toggle
bind KP_END wep1_or_disguise1 //numpad1
alias wep1_or_disguise1 wep1
alias wep1 slot1
alias disguise1 "disguise 1 -1"
bind KP_DOWNARROW wep2_or_disguise2 //numpad2
alias wep2_or_disguise2 wep2
alias wep2 slot2
alias disguise2 "disguise 2 -1"
bind KP_PGDN wep3_or_disguise3 //numpad3
alias wep3_or_disguise3 wep3
alias wep3 slot3
alias disguise3 "disguise 3 -1"
bind KP_LEFTARROW spy_or_disguise4 //numpad4
alias spy_or_disguise4 spy
alias spy "voicemenu 1 1"
alias disguise4 "disguise 4 -1"
bind KP_5 help_or_disguise5 //numpad5
alias help_or_disguise5 help
alias help "voicemenu 2 0"
alias disguise5 "disguise 5 -1"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW thanks_or_disguise6 //numpad6
alias thanks_or_disguise6 thanks
alias thanks "voicemenu 0 1"
alias disguise6 "disguise 6 -1"
bind KP_HOME tele_exit_or_disguise7 //numpad7
alias tele_exit_or_disguise7 tele_exit
alias tele_exit "build 1 1"
alias disguise7 "disguise 7 -1"
bind KP_UPARROW lenny_or_disguise8 //numpad8
alias lenny_or_disguise8 lenny
alias lenny "say "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)""
alias disguise8 "disguise 8 -1"
bind KP_PGUP action_or_disguise9 //numpad9
alias action_or_disguise9 action
alias action +use_action_slot_item
alias disguise9 "disguise 9 -1"
alias +toggleState "alias wep1_or_disguise1 disguise1"
alias -toggleState "alias wep1_or_disguise1 wep1"
alias +toggleState "alias wep2_or_disguise2 disguise2"
alias -toggleState "alias wep2_or_disguise2 wep2"
alias +toggleState "alias wep3_or_disguise3 disguise3"
alias -toggleState "alias wep3_or_disguise3 wep3"
alias +toggleState "alias spy_or_disguise4 disguise4"
alias -toggleState "alias spy_or_disguise4 spy"
alias +toggleState "alias help_or_disguise5 disguise5"
alias -toggleState "alias help_or_disguise5 help"
alias +toggleState "alias thanks_or_disguise6 disguise6"
alias -toggleState "alias thanks_or_disguise6 thanks"
alias +toggleState "alias tele_exit_or_disguise7 disguise7"
alias -toggleState "alias tele_exit_or_disguise7 tele_exit"
alias +toggleState "alias lenny_or_disguise8 disguise8"
alias -toggleState "alias lenny_or_disguise8 lenny"
alias +toggleState "alias action_or_disguise9 disguise9"
alias -toggleState "alias action_or_disguise9 action"​




Can someone help me by explaining why only the voice comms work and the rest doesn't, and how to make it work?


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cba to look through the whole config but also why would you learn to play pc games left handed? genuinely curious

Because I use the PC and play with it as left handed since I first touched one. Also playing left handed as a leftie grants a better precision (in fact, I play on most games as sniper, and I believe I'm quite good if compared to average).
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