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Killing floor? Worth it


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No idea on the second game but I've logged a decent ~355 hours into the first game.

It's certainly a good experience if you've got friends to play with, and while I really enjoyed playing it solo I know a lot of people that would get bored after a bit.


It is just wave after wave of enemies with the only variety really coming from the new enemy types that you encounter as the wave count gets higher.

I think it's worth it, but I know plenty of people that found it boring after a few hours.

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As far as worth your money? I was always told if you get at least an hour of gameplay per dollar spent, it's worth the money.

I never spent much time on KF1, because I bought it like a month before KF2 came out so most servers were dead. So if you buy either buy KF2 for a much more active community.

I haven't logged 20 hours yet, but I will soon!

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