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Festives 2015


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It's almost Christmas (not really) but I wanted to know what festives are you looking forward to this year

I would love:





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Scout: Sandman

Soldier: Market Gardener

Pyro: Degreaser

Demo: Bottle

Heavy: KGB

Engi: Pistol

Medic: Kritzkrieg

Sniper: Bazaar Bargain

Spy: Conniver's Kunai

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Scout - Pistol

Soldier - Original

Demo - Skullcutter

Medic - Kritz

Spy - Invis Watch

Engineer - Gunslinger (Ew, I know.)

Heavy - Tomi

Sniper - Machina

Pyro - Degreaser

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Festive pistol, festive degreaser, festive scottish handshake, festive rescue ranger, festive jag, festive kritzkrieg, festive machina, festive diamondback, festive spy-cicle

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scout: festive pistol or Sandman

Soldier: festive direct hit

pyro: festive degreaser

demo: festive scottisch resistance

heavy: festive tomislav or fists

engi: festive southern hospitality or gunslinger (or PDA, hoping for that)

Medic: festive syringe gun or festive quick-fix or blutsauger

Sniper: festive sydney sleeper

Spy: festive kunai/YER (invis watch? nah) 


either that or a buncha stock melee's to complete remaining sets or they'll throw in something derpy like a festive pan, would be funny though

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Reading these topics again make me feel like it's only been a  week since 2014 Holidays. Holy shit...


I think they're going to have a mix this year. They're going to do a few Festive weapons and then some Festive skins. 

I going to go out on a limb as say Festive Loose Cannon, Festive Brass Beast, Festive Razor Back, Festive Caber, and Festive Krtiz. Then stock weapons and maybe some others get a Festive Re-skins. 

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scout - pistol / mad milk

soldier - direct hit

pyro - degreaser

demo - a lot of options... tide turner maybe?

heavy - tomislav

engie - PDA / rescue ranger

medic - kritzkrieg

sniper - machina

spy - l'etranger

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Concheror/Escape Plan


Rescue Ranger



Any Melee/Bargain?


Dead Ringer/PDA<3



And Pan obv. :3

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