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Need help choosing a characters

jelly jiggler

which is better  

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Im making my portfolio for school and the professors really like it when you use the same characters so i need help deciding which female character design is better

Ill  prob use both but whoever is liked more will probably show up more, i have already decided on my male character


1st only problem with this character is that the hair is hard to draw in certain angles as well that the hair style is limited









The lines on their faces is just something i do idk fight me 

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I'll tell you which one I like and my thoughts on all the drawings. Don't get offended as I'm trying to help you.


1st portfolio, image A: http://i.imgur.com/hNUThGi.jpg


- Right arm is way too short,

- Her hips are also way too slim, try drawing two triangles when sketching a woman: one upside-down for the torso, and another normal for the hips and belly, that'll help you a lot with female anatomy.

- Her hands are too small.

- Hair could use some work, try not making it look too solid, just draw many lines and let them go.



image B: http://i.imgur.com/f0YuJw0.jpg

- First girl has a mishaped mouth, maybe the lips are too separate from each other, like if they were parallel (Idk might be a wrong impression).

- Her left arm has to be WAY back to make the hand appear that way, try showing her left arm more and enlargening the hand a bit.

+ Second girl is cute, good hair and hand posing.


2nd portfolio, full-body woman: http://i.imgur.com/kS8uw9l.jpg

+ Female anatomy is well performed in this one.

+ I like the clothes, the are well drawn and attach well to the character.

- Her mouth could use some work.

- Legs might be too muscled, but that's just my opinion, if she's a physically strong character, then it's fine.

+ Best option


2nd portfolio, faces: http://i.imgur.com/hpdRmAE.jpg

+ Good facial expressions and posing. Nice one.

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