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2015 Saxxy Awards Winner Speculation Thread


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Personal thoughts:


Pretty sure Action is either Alley Brawl or Micro-Mann (Winglet is a wizard, honestly.)

Comedy I'd say is either Food Fortress or Medic's Magic Show (Did anyone even find Bonk Boy or the ball one funny? They're actually made by the same person.)

I didn't particularly like any of the options for Drama, but if I had to guess it would have to be Broken Promises or Rise and Shine.

A Game of Roles was undoubtedly the highest-quality option in shorts. I'm hoping the fact that it's DotA doesn't work against it.

Extended is a three-way tie. While The Gambler is interesting, I just don't think it can win against either of the other three options. I'm wondering if the unfinished nature of Turbulence will stand against it.


Honestly, overall, only the options in the extended category (as well as the two in Action) stood out to me as outstandingly good.


What are your thoughts?

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Just going to say that I loved the Drama ones, sorta hits hard with 3 of 4 options (not Dota). I guess I just like the dark tone. Especially Prosaic.

Alley Brawl was very interesting with its perspective. Micro-Mann was alright, interesting thing to do by making one of the models small. Photoshoot and Termination were rather odd, honestly I just did not like them. 

I thought the Bonk boy was alright, the actual funny part was when the Pyro took over the role of Bonk Boy but my vote would go for Food Fortress for its quite different storytelling by using the puppet method or whatever you call it.

As for the Shorts, the TF2 shorts were rather unsatisfying, A for effort I guess but Game of Roles is truly the best in animation there.

As for Extended, Much Ado About Saxxies was my least favorite. Felt like someone made it on Garry's Mod, which is not a bad thing, just does not feel on par with the other videos in animation. Also, its clitche about coming up with something creative was lame. I really like Turbulence, it was very well made, sadly its unfinished though it is still quite a great piece of work. The Gambler and It's Play Time are kind of a tie for me, they were good in animation and storytelling. Play Time will probably get the most votes because TF2 and whatever but The Gambler is still an excellent choice but can use some more work. My vote goes for Turbulence in Extended.

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Action was meh

For comedy the bonk one was good I thought. The medic one is better though.

Broken Promises was best Drama

A dang Good Cop is best short.

All extended are good

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Personally, I'm going to have to go with Play Time for extended. While I loved Turbulence and cracked up constantly, the quality of Play Time is amazingly good. Everything is silky smooth, even Ms Pauling sounds right.


Action, I easily pick Micro-Man, but I'm a little concerned Valve may be biased towards picking non-TF2 stuff because it would encourage their agenda of making the Saxxys not just TF2 (Which personally I think is kinda stupid, have a separate "SFM Contest" with profile-related prizes, but the Saxxys are named after TF2 and are all towards getting the coveted in-game trophy)


Comedy I'd pick Food Fortress, because it was both amusing and really well made.


Short I kinda enjoyed the Dang Good Cop, but a Game of Roles was really well made.


Drama was boring, but Rise and Shine was decent.

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I feel like all of the extended ones could win any of the other categories

Comedy felt like only 4 comedy entries were submitted

I think it's a tie between play time and much ado about saxxies, turbulence was great but unfinished

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