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Offered Ether Trail Sombrero

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Hey, community.


Was offered an Ether Trail Sombrero on my Time Warp Voodoo Juju. Owned the Juju for a while (several months) with no eye-catching offers so far, trying to sell it for 50.


Price-wise, not entirely sure where the Sombrero would fit in. Kind of wary of newer effects in general, as they tend to decay very quickly. Prices are never stable initially and the true value may be far less than the first few sales. Had this happen to a Phononaut. Sombrero is not the most inherently appealing and those on the market have no offers from what can be seen, several have been open for at least a few days.


Any opinion would be helpful.

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There is a Nether trail currently on the market for over 41 keys worth of dollars (the price of the keys is from the mann co store, not outside sellers)

There is an Ether trail on the market for around 45 keys

I do think their prices will start decresing in a bit

its all up to you in the end though :)

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Take what Pirana said into consideration, and also consider the fact that the Gargoyle Cases can STILL open new Halloween effects even though Halloween is over. It makes me think that these hats and effects will continue to go down in price as more and more people continue to open them. 

You could also check past sales on the Sombrero to see what other people paid for it. What did the seller of the hat pay for it himself?

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