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The Official nostalgia thread

Captain Caboose

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Remember this?

I just realized how freaking creepy this screensaver is. 


Anyway, I only started using the internet in 2012, so my most nostalgic memory was when I actually talked with friends on Facebook. 

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Your absolute favorite memory of the older internet, before 2012 or so

>older internet

>before 2012



anyway i guess when i went on 4chan in like 2009 and thought it was really really funny. that was definitely a lot more to do with me being 14 than 4chan being funnier, but still. there were plenty of funny /mu/ and /v/ threads over the years before and since 2012 i suppose, though both have more or less gone to shit now.


i miss the days when the only term used for people who bothered to argue empathetically in favour of marginalised people or generally not being relentlessly dickish was 'white knight' which more neatly exposes the bullshit of the people who bought into the whole 4chan edgy philosophy than 'sjw' does.


i used to post in a group on bungie.net a lot. that's been dead since about 2011. i met this dude and we would play ranked doubles in halo 3, smashing it up.

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Internet nostalgia? 


How about going back to 1995 when AOL and MSN were on dial up modems, we all used AOL instant messenger, and went into random chat rooms with wierd people. 

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dial up -

having to get off the internet cause mum needed to call someone.

"you've got mail"

rating sites (anyone else? lol) - hot or not, face the jury, what the dilly, etc

all your base are belong to us (and everyone spamming it repeatedly for like over a fucking year)




ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring BANANAPHONE (doo doo do do do do)

hamster dance

chat rooms




geocities pages

endless personal trivia surveys,like someone would make a forum thread with 75 random personal questions and EVERYONE would answer them all


i'm old. D: the forum i met my husband on (which is still there/functioning) started in 2001. i was around 13-14 when i joined there, same age many of you guys are now, lol.

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oldest memes i remember i think are all your base are belong to us, the hamster dance, and the fucking ally mcbeal dancing baby

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