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Backpack.tf Secret Santa 2015! Santa Strikes Back!

Santa Heavy

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Hello Backpack.tf users and forum dwellers alike! In 2013 I hosted the very first backpack.tf Secret Santa in order to generate a little bit of Christmas spirit and overall good will among the members of our community. The event was a rousing success and this will be the 3rd annual Secret Santa event. This year I shall host it once more! Shoutouts to Python for hosting last year's event.


Here's how everything is going to work:

  • Deadline for participating is on 12/1/15.
  • Deadline for sending in gifts to the distributor (me on an alt, I will add the participants) is 12/15/15. If you feel like you need more time I'd be willing to extend the deadline a bit.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST ADD THIS ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO BE A PART OF THIS - http://steamcommunity.com/id/giftwrap

Here are the rules/guidelines for how this will work:

  • If you want to participate just say so below, (MUST HAVE 30 POSTS ON THE FORUMS OR 10 SUGGESTIONS ACCEPTED ON THE MAIN SITE).
  • One user of backpack.tf will buy/obtain a gift for their assigned user that they think would best suit them.
  • I will be responsible for randomizing the pairings via a randomizer site.
  • Whether or not you tell someone who you have is not in my control, but try to keep it a secret!
  • Who you get your gift from will remain anonymous unless they want their identity to be known.
  • Don't be stingy, no crates or regular unique weapons unless the assigned user is into that sort of thing.
  • Do some research, look into your persons backpack and see what sort of stuff they'd prefer!
  • You don't have to overspend, use common sense, be tasteful.
  • Gifts will be given on Christmas Eve/Day obviously.
  • You get what you get, and you can be upset, but nobody will care lol.
  • I will judge the presents sent in to make sure they are fair.
  • If you are using an unpriced item as a present, make sure you have a reasonable estimate as to what it's worth, don't use it being unpriced as an excuse to buy a lame gift for someone.
  • You are not limited to just TF2 items! (Sorry for not being specific before)


PROTIP: Buy gift wrap if you want whoever's receiving your gift to keep it. c; Or at least make it hard to sell.


Using Gift Wrap is optional of course.

Happy Gifting!



(Me) Santa Heavy

Angelmander (added)

Cashew (added)

Dekun (added)

Scrublordington The III (added)

Tactical Ass (added)

Jacobmeister (added)

Lolimaster (added)

The Oddball (added)

Weedoof (added)

The Vetran Eagle (added)

Damon1174 (added)

TrollDemo (added)

Lord Shako (added)

Zapperzz (added)

Draco Blaze (added)

Emmy! (added)

get miked m8 (added)

N!K (added)

Your opinion is shit (added)

Pilobacon (added)


Cedar (added)

TheMightyPotato (added)


The Penguins (added)

cares (added)

Genzarata (added)

Water Salesman (added)

thecityburns2day (added)

MrDeepDarkMind (added)

DejaQ (added)

Prince Lowell (added)

Colbalt (added)

Charity (added)

TheMCBros99 (added)

Kevin the Chicken God (added)

puddingkip DA GAWD (added)

AwesomeMcCoolName the forum sage

Captain Caboose (added)

Deadzoned (added)

T o b y (added)

Carnage (added)

Fenrawr (added)


TheProcave (added)

utsoob (added)

Teeny Tiny Cat (added)

knavesmith (added)

Corgi (added)

WhinyWeab (added)

wowmikegreatmoves (added)

Python (added)

i am phenomenal (added)

Idiocy Bitsy (added)

HarryG (added)

Volcarona (added)

Geel the Nerd (added)

Shamefurr Dispray (added)

The One (added)

Rainford (added)

Apo (added)

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I'm a poorfag, but eh, it's Christmas. Sure, I'll join. Don't really have any preferences, so I'll take anything. gib unusual plox


Also, I'd be very grateful if you gift me a game on my wishlist (except GTA V, CS:GO and Fallout 4 because my laptop is still too crap to run them).

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Yah im in. Heres a tip if someone wants to get me something: He has a Horn. He costs around 2-3 ref. He floats. hes for all class. He is 100% THE best cosmetic, absolutely nobody can beat him, 100%. Anyone who thinks so will be gassed. He also has a horn. He's pink. He has a horn. He's a balloon. He has a horn. I'm gonna start collecting them. Buy me 50. thx <3. 


but srsly I heff best present for ppl.

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Aight, i'm in.

I'd love to get some regular KS kits for primaries and secondary weapons(preferably bazaar bargain KS kit and/or a Scattergun KS kit).

Added the alt aswell

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