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If You Could Call one Hat Your Own What Would it Be?


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So as we all know certain people that exist on this forum have certain hats that they seem to quite like.

If you had to pick a hat that would fit into this lack of description for what I mean what would it be and if you have a reason behind it, why?


For me personally it'd have to be the BMOC, I really do like it even if I keep getting rid of them after a few weeks. It fits all year and who doesn't like Santa?

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The Law is the only all-class unusual that actually looks good on 9 classes.


If I could afford one with a decent effect I'd have made it mine a long time ago.

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Surprisingly its NOT the Virtual reality headset, its the Texas ten gallon


Had my scorching one for nearly 2 years, although i love the virtual reality headset, the texas is my bae

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