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What would you prefer and why? ( AMD - Intel )

Bae Be

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What title says, kindly just give an explanation as to why and hopefully its not just about price.


I personally would go for AMD if I have a low budget and Intel if I have a bigger budget.


Your turn guys!

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Under $400-500~ an 860k. 

Anything over that, and Intel offers better performance without sacrificing other components. (The one exception being an extremely budget rendering system where you can't afford an i5, then an FX6300 is better, and when you can't afford a 4690k/Xeon E3 1231v3, then an FX8320 is better). The one other time when there's an argument is the FX6300 vs. an i3; both are similarly priced and both trade blows depending on the game.

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