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Coolest Steam Badges


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There are similar posts scattered around the internet, but none of them got many opinions.


What are YOUR picks for the best looking badges on steam and why?



Mine have to be:


Eversion Foil                  - You'll know why when you see it :o

Faerie Solitaire 3 and 4 -  Nice colors

Transistor 5                    - Clean look

Chip 1                              - Nice art style and color mix


Collectors are paying over 100$ on the eversion one

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8fdfc413f4.png - Undertale foil. I am currently obsessed with Undertale and in general I think it's a really nice design, especially the colours.


fa16b66606.jpg - Age of Empires II HD Level 5. Wololo, need I say more?


0c4c7abeac.jpg - Skullgirls level 5. A very nice design, gold does seem to be a common occurrence with level 5 but I think it really works here.


0e76a3f458.jpg Outlast level 5. Another really nice design, similar reason to Skullgirls and the blood splatter is quite nice against the gold backing.


dbe6af5d7e.jpg - Serious Sam 3 BFE Foil. A nice and simple design but very effectively done, I quite like the almost transparent feel to it.

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I really like the ones on my profile. Especially the Ultimate Super Awesome Gunner  c4oUXjd.png  (Foil Jet Runner) and Disco Jeffrey vL9ywCY.png (Lvl 3 Roundabout).


The foil Skullgirls badge is also really cool but darn expensive. ~8€ or so.


Fans of "The life of Brian" should also check out the lvl 5 badge of "WazHack" ixQjNmb.png

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First lvl Witcher 2


Risk of Rain 2 (Warbanner)



Quake lvl 1 (Skilled)


Portal 2 lvl 5 (spaaace)

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My personal favorite, use it as my main badge on my profile.


It is the foil badge of Valiant Hearts: The Great War / Soldats Inconnus: Mémoires de la Grande Guerre.

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