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Questions about bp automatic


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Hello! Im relatively new to the community, and even though I am sure this questions have been answered before, I couldnt find a specific answer for them.


First of all:

1) Does the bot manage buy offers or only sales?


Im more interested in buying items automatically than selling them.


And, if the bot can handle buy offers

2) How many items does the bot buy for every listing?

One for listing? As many as you have pure to pay for? Until you have a specified numer of said item?


Ideally, I would like the last option best, allowing me to ensure the bot will not overstock a certain item.


And last

3) Does the bot delete the buy/sell listing after the trade is done?


Thank you for your help and sorry if these questions have been answered before.

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The bot only works for selling listings and only accepts pure.

Whenever something is sold, the listing will be removed when your backpack updates so it has nothing to do with the automatic. Buy orders must be removed manually.

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