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The OST of a game...called Undertale


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So Undertale is a amazing game on steam. (Which i want so damn bad but im too damn poor to get ;-;)


And it has some AMAZING soundtracks, so im gonna list my favourite's ;3




^ Robot-ish rock




^ Amazing song that comes when you....wait am i reading this right, when you COOK SPAGETTHI? oh yeah it really does, cool cool.


Spider dance: 


^ Name says it all my friend.


Battle against a true hero: 


^ You've been bad haven't you?




^ It's some spooky waves i guess? it's pretty cool


Intro/ ASGORE: 


^ This tune is so badass


And finally, my favourite song i've ever heard so far i guess? 


Don't give up hope, loop version: 

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