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dead presidents surgeon's stahlhelm suggestion thinking

Lord Caleb

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hello, i am trying to understand the price suggestion system better and as such i have read alot of the stickies and guides on here to try and further my understanding. i have a dead presidents surgeon stahlhelm that i would like to use as an example to see if i am showing good proof and learn how to properly apply overpay and such so i can make good suggestions and not dumb ones  : ) btw, as i provide proof on this, the total ends up pretty much on par with the current value of the hat, so i wont be making a suggestion based on this.


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/13645050 - here a bubbling veil was rejected, at the time the veil was priced at 2.9-3.2 buds

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/13677506 - here we can tell that it was at least swapped for the aces high stahl, at the time about 3.2 buds

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/13678045 - here there are some interesting things

one offer for a variety of items equaled about 3.7 buds and was not taken

after that a tw wraith wrap was offered if a hvmn bucket was added or a max's head and some strange festives was added, after doing some math based on the prices of the items at the time

tw ww 9.5-10.5 minus hvmn br bucket 4.8-5.2 = approx value of offer on the stahl at 4.7-5.3

tw ww 9.5-10.5 minus total of items at 4.9 buds = approx value of offer on the stahl at 4.6-5.6

i then got the hat in a 1:1 for the green energy grimm hatte, at the time ranging for 4.6-5.2




the current price sits at 4.1-4.9 (due to change in bud price apparently since yesterday)


how much of what i have here is good proof for that price, or is it bad proof? how would i calculate overpay into this math. i want to get smarter! help me plz : )

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