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Giving away some Steam games


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You really ought to use a post count floor on these threads e.g. 50; too many 0/1 posters joining just for a giveaway.

I just never really used the forums much, plus I came from the Steam Announcement. I wouldn't have really seen it without that, honestly.

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Elements: Soul of Fire please!



Earth 2150 - Lost Souls, East India Company Gold Edition or Commander: Conquest of the Americas would be awesome



I'd love to have Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive and the Falling Sun if possible. Thank you so much for being so generous! :D



I'd totally go for East India Trading Company or Wooden Floors, if they're not already gone.



Hector, Speed Kills, Yury, Tower of Elements, and Alum, Eye of Isis? 



I'd like the game salammbô: Battle for the  Carthage, looks like a fun game



Bard to the Future and SickBricks, please?


Thank you very much!


Games sent.

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I'd like Z and Super Motherload, please


Good, since you posted again it also gives me a reason to ask for more games so i won't be the only asshole :D . 


I'd also like skara starter package, schar: blue shield alliance and great permutator.

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