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New rule for all non-unusual suggestions

Mr. Bucket

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Do not use screenshots of your own personal trades for the majority (or all) of your proof. On common items, a single person does not run the market, and our prices should reflect that. What defines the majority will he handled on a case by case basis, but be aware one or two non-screenshot trades won't cut it.


Here's an example of a type of suggestion we'll close from on now:


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dis can't be true, everyone knows baket is a troll

Mebeh Baket be Trolling offline ;D




jokes aside this change was needed, stops hoarders from trying to artificially inflating their items. 

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Cleaing up this forum part3.


Linked this thread to the suggestion guide. Unpinning this to reduce the number of pinned threads (9).


The rule still applies of couse.

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