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Teeny Tiny Cat

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I love christmas so much even though I'm getting way too old :<

Judging by this statement I'm guessing you're the wrinkly old man to the left of the first photo, correct?

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zapperz > pilo, confirmed.


tho you should prob put those in the selfie thread, not the pets thread. :P


(or photoshop a kitty in or something)

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So Rembao really loves to go outside. He spends majority of his time wandering around the neighborhood (aka his territory), even in this Canadian winter. It is pretty much one of the four things he does; the others are eating, sleeping, fighting with other cats. 




Look at this majestic beast. 




He was literally watching a squirrel here. 





:D  :P

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Aww cute cat and very nice photos. You must have used an actual camera :P  All my photos are with my iPhone camera lol


All my photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Got our new puppy Friday evening, and we finally took him out to the park to play a bit. Brought my camera along to take some pictures of the goofball playing around at the park. :)


His name is "Smoke", he's an Australian Shepard. Wonderful breed. 





Have some more in the spoiler, hate to take up too much space in one post! 








Just like the kitten, he's a little ball of energy! 

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