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Teeny Tiny Cat


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15101905_1206199022787630_944944510_o.thumb.jpg.9fc3b01090b8ef4493529da1f4fb0da3.jpg This photo was taken about 2 year and a half years ago.

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DFwtAfOXUAANH5N.jpg we have kittens again lol

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Communist Moose

My dog's name is Buddy. I know, it's unoriginal as hell, but we named him when I was a little kid, he has been with me for a long long time.

We got him before his mother could teach him anything as he was a few weeks old. He also was the smallest dog in the group. He was a nasty dog when he was very young, we almost had to put him down, but as he got older he calmed down and matured more.


He doesn't look it, but he is over 11, and these are relatively recent pictures. He looks and acts like he is 7-8.



He lets me do pretty much anything to him, he is a nice dog. Usually he uses his blankets as a toy and chews them if they so much as move an inch. The cover is lucky that it was spared in this pic.



This is him on Christmas day, he somehow knows when it is Christmas day because he will jump up and down at his Stocking. He also knows he will get something too.

He is really happy on Christmas day because he also gets to see Popop, one of his favorite family members of all time (probably likes Popop more than us lol)

He has his new yellow toy with him, it lasted like a week btw.



He loves the pool so much and will jump in if told that he can. This is the face  he gives when he wants to jump in.




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Because I'm in the mood to post and maybe revive this thread, here's Beaky, my African white-backed vulture (named after Looney Tunes)


He's very smart, akin to a falcon (we use a glove and everything) and doesn't fly too far as long as there's meat waiting for him. Mostly he's content with his massive pen but we occasionally let him out as long as we have the meat and the glove with us. It's kind of hard to tell but he's a little under 4 feet long with a 7 foot wingspan. 

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Diamond jozu
On 1/24/2018 at 2:25 PM, Carnage said:

Come closer human....





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....and pick meh up





kinda notice the white fur part under the nose is like a moustache.better than mine.nice

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