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Ethical Issues with perfection/Photoshop..


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So...i'm writing a 25 page research paper, so where better to find other opinions then right here....




Opinions on Perfection? 

>What is perfection? 

>What does it mean for a society? 

>Is perfection a good thing? 
>Conflicts caused by perfection (people trying to one-up each other--Photoshop, plastic surgery, etc...)

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>What is perfection.

The direct definition is a lack of mistakes. Rather, I would say it is the acceptance of mistakes as inevitable, and the avoidance of all mistakes possible.

>What does it mean for a society

Perfection within the self is supposed to lead to the perfection of the society, which I find flawed. Look up Magic: the Gathering's older novels, especially the ones focused on the early Phyrexian war. A perfect 'god' cannot create a perfect society. Similarly, a perfect society cannot exist without perfect individuals to both support it and to oppose it. Cite Kurt Vonnegut's "A Deer in the Works" and Aldous Huxely's "Brave New World". Inspite of a 'perfect' society (People cannot do wrong, and have all problems removed, including the pursuit of happiness, via drugs and sex in copious amounts) the imperfect members will still doom it to becoming a dystopia See also "The Giver".

>Is perfection a good thing?

By definition (without flaws or mistakes) yes. However, incomplete perfection (if anything is imperfect) it will lead to perfection not quite being perfect.

>Conflicts caused by perfection

If they cause conflict, they are not perfect. Hence, self-regulating. See also: Dante's Inferno, specifically also his Purgatoria.


EDIT: If you need more references or analysis, feel free to PM me, so that people like Arcelor aren't so rude.

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If one defines perfection as the amount of resources one has:

If everyone had the same amount, something like communism would happen.

If everyone had their ideal amount of resources, the amount would deplete rather quickly.

Perfection, on a real world level, seems impossible.

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Current Outline:


What is Perfection?     



Perfection in Society     

Utopia vs. Dystopia    

The Giver 

Brave New World     

A Deer in the Works

The Republic

Cold Mountain


Fahrenheit 451  

A modern Utopia          

Animal Farm

iRobot—“perfect robot†tries to destroy the world


Hunger Games



Everyone lives well (distribution of wealth)

Programs: Food stamps, welfare, public
housing/health care/education


No incentive to work hard (Why work hard if everyone
gets the same?)  

Totalitarianism (government has too much power)à lack of rights 

Strives for Perfection



Natural Selection/Survival of the Fittest
(Doesn’t really exist anymore)



(Hunter GatherersàCities)

Social Behavior

Mutually beneficial, selfish, altruism, spite
(1/2 tend to survive)

Ethical issues with perfection

Is perfection a good thing?

Conflicts caused by perfection

Society (government—socialism/communism)

Individual (False appearances—plastic

False thoughts

Everyone will be president

No one is better than anyone else

Elementary Gym—everyone’s a winner

Pros/Cons of Perfection



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You're in High School, aren't you?

Haha, kinda maybe.... Id hope i woudnt start a research paper a week after its due in college.


Also, ik its not really an outline the way one should be madr, just using it to sort all my current info.

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Opinions on Perfection? 

>What is perfection? 

Perfection is an ideal state which synchronizes the expected with the actual. Since every person's expected views are different, it implies that everyone's idea of perfection is different.


>What does it mean for a society? 

Since perfection is subjective, there can be no consensus on perfection. In societal situations, which stresses the norm over individual ideals, one can possibly define perfection as "what most people would want." One has to value the pragmatic over the ideal.


>Is perfection a good thing? 
"Good thing" is also subjective. What exactly is a good thing? We can say that having food for dinner and not starving is a good thing. We can also say that being punished for crimes is a good thing. But what if one steals food, so that one can survive and feed his family because he has no alternative? Which would be the "more good" thing?

Since both perfection and good are  subjective, the evaluation of this statement would be contingent on one's beliefs.

>Conflicts caused by perfection (people trying to one-up each other--Photoshop, plastic surgery, etc...)

One's concept of perfection may differ from another's. If we argue from an egoist perspective, then it matters not what we do as long as we are making ourselves happy. From a natural law theory perspective, it would violate our raison d'etre to do something negative to ourselves that does not aid our ability to reason (since the point of being human is to use reason). Depending on how you view the world, aiming for perfection again becomes subjective.


Final answer: it's all what you think :D

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