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Why do you prefer Bazaar over Outpost?


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Buy Now & Autobumping


the entire reason I switched from Outpost to Bazaar.  I keep a tab of bazaar open, auto-refreshing and my trades (stored on bots) are bumped every ten minutes.


edit: forgot auctions.  perfect for painted items or stranges with parts

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Buy now


Good mods

Bazaar Plus

Ability to put more than 8 items on one side of your trade

Shows the prices of items so sharks don't occur as often


Better way of bumping (page refresh)

You can edit the site to match what your favorite colors

Enhanced Trading option (hides weapon to scrap trades and quickbuying trades)

Perma donor once you pay

You can edit trades instead of remaking them over and over again.

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the fact that you dont have to remake a trade everytime, you can just edit out the items


+ auctions

the best way to get rid of those parted stranges, painted junk, or odd leveled trash

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Bazaar has a lot Of gud things



Easier to bump trades

Better mods

Edit trades


The only downside is the user base. Sometimes I would have a week trade with only ~30 views

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I don't mind switching to bazaar, already was active on both sites. It's a lot faster, has more functions and also better mods. Would be great if it stayed the same when the userbase increases


But if everyone would switch to bazaar.tf, then it would be hard to compete with buy now bots. So there are other problems. I will donate to tf2op as long as I make profit from there.

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