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Digital Art Commissions to Fund for New Equipment

アーティスト Sozo-Teki

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Currently I am taking commissions for artwork generated by me to raise money for a new laptop and bamboo tablet. (Other one are in poor shape.


So far I raised $150 / my goal and you will not be disappointed.


Some of my work so far


Artwork Rendering for Uncle Dane: 






Artwork Rendering for ArraySeven:




If you like what you see, feel free to add me on Steam so we can discuss.



My gofundme campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/ynmyaw

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Amazing artworks, I'd like to request one; but first, what's your asking price, just to see if I can afford it.

Depending on what you are asking for. If you want individual ones then the prices will be the base prices. The bundles would be located on my gofundme page.


But for portraits are 15.00 USD

and full pictures are 20.00 USD

I also take tf2 currency equivalent of the USD funds..(just only keys to make it easy finding a buyer)

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