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Monitor Flickering Red and Going Black

Uncle Dong

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So an hour ago i was watching a movie and then it went black i could hear the movie and the monitors power indicator was still green.

SO i turned it off and back on it stayed on for a few seconds then did it again.

I then turned the brightness all the way down and it now stays on but it is flickering and has a tint of red to it.

I dont know what to do now so i was wondering if anyone could help.

Is there anything else i can do to try and fix this before confirming its dead? I REALLY hate gaming in 4:3


It is an Acer something 1440x900


Edit: Can confirm 100% it isnt driver issues 

Edit 2: Its dead....forever, just went to check it and it looks like someone punched it 

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either A. your monitor was destroyed by a demon or


B. your monitor just did what monitors do. break after while.

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