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Favorite skins from the GunMettle update?


Favorite skins by collection  

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  1. 1. Craftsmann Collection

    • Tartan Torpedo Scattergun
    • Lumber From Down Under Sniper Rifle
    • Rustic Ruiner Shotgun
    • Barn Burner Flame Thrower
    • Plaid Potshotter SMG
    • Country Crusher Scattergun
    • Iron Wood Minigun
    • Shot in the Dark Sniper Rifle
    • Blasted Bombardier Stickybomb Launcher
    • Backcountry Blaster Scattergun
    • Antique Annihilator Minigun
    • Old Country Revolver
    • American Pastoral Rocket Launcher
    • Reclaimed Reanimator Medi Gun
    • None
  2. 2. Teufort Collection

    • Bovine Blazemaker Flame Thrower
    • War Room Minigun
    • Treadplate Tormenter SMG
    • Bogtrotter Sniper Rifle
    • Earth, Sky and Fire Flame Thrower
    • Team Sprayer SMG
    • Spruce Deuce Scattergun
    • Hickory Hole-Puncher Pistol
    • Rooftop Wrangler Stickybomb Launcher
    • Civic Duty Shotgun
    • Civil Servant Medi Gun
    • Local Hero Pistol
    • Mayor Revolver
    • Smalltown Bringdown Rocket Launcher
    • Citizen Pain Minigun
    • None
  3. 3. Concealed Killer Collection

    • Red Rock Roscoe Pistol
    • Sand Cannon Rocket Launcher
    • Sudden Flurry Stickybomb Launcher
    • Psychedelic Slugger Revolver
    • Purple Range Sniper Rifle
    • Night Terror Scattergun
    • Carpet Bomber Stickybomb Launcher
    • Woodland Warrior Rocket Launcher
    • Wrapped Reviver Medi Gun
    • Forest Fire Flame Thrower
    • Night Owl Sniper Rifle
    • Woodsy Widowmaker SMG
    • Backwoods Boomstick Shotgun
    • King of the Jungle Minigun
    • Masked Mender Medi Gun
    • None
  4. 4. Powerhouse Collection

    • Thunderbolt Sniper Rifle
    • Liquid Asset Stickybomb Launcher
    • Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher
    • Current Event Scattergun
    • Pink Elephant Stickybomb Launcher
    • Flash Fryer Flame Thrower
    • Spark of Life Medi Gun
    • Dead Reckoner Revolver
    • Black Dahlia Pistol
    • Sandstone Special Pistol
    • Lightning Rod Shotgun
    • Brick House Minigun
    • Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher
    • Low Profile SMG
    • Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower
    • None

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None. They all look like they can get 6/10 on Gamebanana.


Some of them actually do look good.

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I feel like valve removed sv_pure from their servers causing the lesser-use of their skins just so that they make their own skins, actual marketable ones.

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really unhappy about the whole skins thing, so i voted none on all of them. i like the new stats for weps, i like picking stuff up, but skins just werent meant for tf2 imo. 


the 1 word id use to describe this update: ugh.

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Shot in the dark is only decent one, votes prove it. Valve really fucked up by making it a light blue and lumber a purple, should've flipped it.

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Just you wait. The Strange Unusual Sand Cannon Rocket Launcher with the "Hot" effect is gonna be the new aussie. Especially in the Elite/Factory New variant.

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