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need help buying new memory for my computer


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I've got a:

Dell Vostro 230, with an intel core dup cpu E7500 (2.93GHz) 

I'm currently running with only 2 GB of ram and for whatever reason, recently I've been having tons of issues playing any of the games I used to be able to play and I've noticed that it has mostly been the limitations of memory that has been causing crashes in my computer.


TLDR; Looking for suggestions on which memory to upgrade to 3-4 GB of ram compatible with my computer 


Thanks in advance, haven't really done this kind of thing before.

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Should have used the buds to buy a new toaster.  ;)


These should do the trick. They are the same as the one used currently on your desktop (thought you had a laptop) as in they're the same memory speed, spec, type and form. 




You won't be using the same sticks that you currently have when upgrading, since I believe they're just 1gb each stick so buying those 2 sticks are a must if you're upgrading.



Your problem may not only be the ram memory you have, if before you were running the games. But then again, problems can arise over time and your ram sticks are failing now.  


I would check 


If the inside of your computer is clean, dust and dirt does cause problems. 

Drivers for the gpu are up to date


Hard drive errors. <- This is a big thing. Errors on the drive lead to memory problems as well. I would run CHKDSK , it does take time for it to run. Also when running it , if your hard drive is making a lot of noise , the hard drive could be the problem. It's good to run defrags regularly.



Your pc can also be having heat issues, it is summer time for you too probably.

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