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Yet Another UGC Roster Verification Tool (YAURVT)


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Hi all!


I have released my UGC Roster Verification tool last night, hosted under domain


What it is:


Wow, yet another UGC roster verification tool? A bit, yes, however, I noticed other tools were either out of date (still using Steam ID 2) or were confusing to use.


This tool is stupidly simple:


1. Your team's profile link


2. The opposing team's profile link


3. Your status output


And it will spit out all the information you need to know about the unrostered players, your team's players, and the opposing team's players.


**Known Issues** (will be fixed by tonight)


1. When using invalid URLs, the program will return a Laravel error


**Reporting Issues or Suggest a Feature**:


Either write it down directly in this thread (I'll respond to you), PM me, or add me on Steam


Happy using!

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