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im trying to complete a spy acting script so that when i press mouse3 itll change my disguises weapon back and forth, i have a working version here but i want to know if theres any way you can stop the acting alias, because when i act it switches for like 1 second so i have to keep spamming mouse3. my solution is to make the act part longer with lastinvs and liastdisg but if i see someone i want to stab while acting i have to wait until my acting stops. i know there is no +lastdisguise or -act or things like that, ive tried already but any of you know how i can stop the acting alias mid-function that would help me out alot


alias "act" "bind mouse3 stopact; slot3; wait 50; lastdisguise; slot1; wait 50; lastdisguise; lastinv; lastdisguise; wait 50; lastinv; lastdisguise;  wait 50; lastinv; lastdisguise"

alias "stopact" "--what do i put here--; bind mouse3 act"

bind mouse3 act

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