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*hypothetical senario*


If I trade with someone who is marked on bp.tf as an scammer alt, but it says noting on steamrep, will I still be banned on like all tf2 sites?


I am assuming I would get banned, but I needed to get some clarification.

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That would be knowingly trading with a scammer and that would not only be a temp ban but a straight permanent ban and potential SR mark.

I feel that OP is being a little ambiguous with their scenario so might as well seek a clarification for them or something.


If the person traded with a person but checked their reputation on Steam Rep prior to doing so and saw nothing, and then completed the trade only to discover after the fact they were banned for being a scammer here, would that get them banned even though they did a check despite the lack of thoroughness of the check? Or does a person have a responsibility to ensure that their check was thorough?


EDIT: Actually, I see the answer there in the link, if is less than 50 keys and you checked their Steam profile and Steam Rep but were still unaware they were a scammer then it is fine. But if you knew they were a scammer from their bp.tf mark then you intentionally would have traded with them and thus would risk a ban.

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