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One Piece Treasure Cruise Sugo Fest

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Hello Everyone :D


One Piece TC is nowadays a pretty popular Mobile-Game. And just a few Days ago, the Sugo Fest was kicked off. You were able to draw really powerful, rare Fighter for your crew. And i wanted to know, if you´re playing it, what did you draw? I drew some really nice guys:


5 Stars:

Trafalgar Law

Red-Haired Shanks

Marco the Phoenix (Evolved him already)


4 Stars:

Smoker, the White Hunter

Kuro of a hundred Plans


Basil Hawkins


Now my Crew contains:

Princess Vivi (Captain)

Gear 2 Ruffy

Red-Haired Shanks

Trafalgar Law

Ashura Ichibugin Roronoa Zoro


What are your Teams?:3

You can also add me on Steam, if you love this Game as much as I do c:


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I had three draws and got Ensign Tashigi, Impact Dial Usopp, ...and Cabin Boy Coby. So, nothing real good, especially when I was just about to evolve my base Tashigi.


Right now, my team contains


Alvida (Smooth-Smooth Fruit) (Captain)

Usopp (Golden Pound)

Tashigi (Ensign)

Smoker (Base)

Nami (Base)


Nothing spectacular, but pretty good on defense.

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