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Giving away an unusual

Water Salesman

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this is the 3rd unusual ive given away to you guys you fuckers better be happy


How this works is you post anything here and I'll enter you in the giveaway; after the deadline, if you win, you choose any unusual under (or at) 30 USD on the SCM and I'll buy it for you.


Contest ends Friday the 22nd at 12 AM EST.  If I don't know who you are you don't get a slot.


go forth, my children


EDIT: If you wish, you can choose a CS:GO skin that's up to 30 USD value if you win



1. Box cuz why not http://puu.sh/hUS2e/7f21579cb4.png

2. JakeTheAwesome

3. Weedoof

4. Unlucky

5. Gent

6. A racist mario

7. Propain

8. Fireballnitro

9. mr. jiggles

10. BOOM!

11. Toby

12. thecityburns2day

13. silverspeed

13. Julia

14. d0 (pls no mark me steamrep)

15. Fenrir

16. MC22

17. RozeEagle

18. based cashew

19. Nauti

20. Deadzoned

21. Apo

22. Jordan

23. not here

24. DarkFyre

25. Jake Cruise - NUB

26. The Merchant

27. King_Ken

28. Taconinja

29. Heated bread

30. Cedar

Anyone else who enters I'll add tomorrow, goin ta bed

I see that list and think, I don't know 80% of them. Sigh. GL everyone.

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