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A Starters Guide To Trading In Team Fortress 2

{NzL} Ambrosio TF2

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Hello there,

by reading this I am guessing you are new to trading or just need a few tips.

This will be a ENGLISH guide. If you would like a different language I will do my best to translate.


First I would like to teach you about Team Fortress 2 currency.

There are 2 types or currency at this very moment. Keys and Metal.

Below I will explain each.



The highest of the currency's.

A key is worth 19 ref(a metal. Look below for more info) at this very moment. Please check backpack.tf for price changes

There are 2 ways of getting a key. The first is buying for real life money of the steam market, TF2 Mann Co Shop or other online internet trading sites. The second way of getting a key is trading for it, this way is the best way if you do not want to spend some money on TF2. I do not recommend buying buying keys. Try trading for them.



There are 3 types of metals, each of which I will list below and talk about each.


Weapons: Though not a metal, I would like to talk about it quickly. A weapon is worth half a Scrap(See below). In text/writing a weapon is written as 0.05. 


Scrap: The lowest of the metals. In text/writing a Scrap is written as 0.11. 

To get a Scrap I would recommend crafting it. To craft a Scrap you will need to craft 2 weapons from the same class together.

You can trade for scrap, paying 2 weapons. 


Reclaimed: A reclaimed metal is more commonly talked about as a "Rec". A Rec is worth 3 Scrap. In text/writing a Rec is written as 0.33. To get a Rec you craft or trade for one. To craft a Rec you will need to craft 3 Scrap together. To trade for a Rec you will wont to trade 3 Scrap for 1 Rec.


Refined: The highest of the metals. Refined is more commonly talked about as a "Ref". A Ref is worth 3 Rec. In text/writing a Ref is written as 1.00. You can buy lots of things(Hats, Stranges, Miscs) with Ref but it may take more then one. To get a Ref there are 2 ways. The most common way is to trade for it, you can trade 3 rec for 1 Ref or trade 1 Key for 19 Ref(Please check backpack.tf for price changes). You can also craft it with 3 Rec to make 1 Ref.


Now I would like to teach you about buying items that you would like. What I mean is that you are buying items that you want to keep and not trade away for profit. The thing that most new players want are hats. As a new player the easiest way to get hats for your classes is to buy "Craft Hats". Craft Hats are usually around the price of 1.33 ref(1 Ref, 1 Rec). You can save up your metal by collecting the weapons you find from playing the game and crafting them in to metal until you have enough for the hat you wont. Craft Hats are cheap hats that are easy to get because of the cheap price and the high number of them available.


Now I would like to teach a few basic ways to make profit in TF2.


The first is "Scrap Banking"

This where you sell 1 Weapon for 1 Scrap making 1 Weapon profit because 1 Weapon is worth 0.05 and 1 Scrap is worth 0.11 which is double the price of a weapon. This way is VERY VERY VERY SLOW because it has been over used so much so I would not recommend using this way but it is a very good way to start making profit up until the stage where you have around 3 Ref.


Pros:Very Easy to do

Cons: VERY VERY VERY SLOW, Low profit


The Next is "Craft Hat Method"

This is where you buy Craft Hats for 1 Ref, Craft Hats are 1.33 Ref so when you sell the Craft Hat you bought for 1 Ref for 1.33 Ref then you make 0.33 Ref/1 Rec profit. This way is far more profitable then the "Scrap Banking" Method. 


Pros: Decent Profit, Easy to do

Cons: Buying Craft Hats for 1 ref can be hard sometimes and you may need to buy them for 1.11.


The last method is "Bundle Buying"


For this method you will already need to have got yourself up to 15-30 Ref in Metal. 

In this method you will want to buy "Bundles of hats" for cheaper then the price of all the prices of the hats in the bundle combined.


Im buying a bundle for 18 Ref this bundle includes:

Charmers Chapeu - 5-6 Ref

The Anger - 5-5.33 Ref

The Team Captain - 5-6 Ref

The Law - 4.33 Ref


Now if I buy this bundle I make profit because the combined price is 22.66 Ref which means you make 4.66 Ref Profit!


Pros: Can make LOTS of profit fast, fun :D, you can find some hats you like. 

Cons: Can be hard to find bundles, Sometimes can take some time to sell of the hats, You will have to pay metal to buy bundles. 


Here are some useful TF2 Trading websites:

I will lightly explain each


backpack.tf http://backpack.tf/

This website is very useful for price checking your items.  

I would recommend using this as price checker only though, you can sell items on here but it is not as good as a lot of the other

trading sites out there. 

backpack.tf video guide (English) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmXXDjx2cZU



This site is useful for selling your spare weapons for the correct amount of metal. Its a alternative to crafting your weapons into metal as it has the same outcome of metal. You can buy items like Hats and Miscs, Paints and High Price Items but you will be buying them at a higher price then they are worth so I wouldn't recommend it. You can also sell your keys for metal here for the correct price in Ref as well as buy keys here for slightly over the price of keys.

Scrap.tf video guide (English) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4QQRlfc2DY



This site is useful for finding trades. This search other sites and will display trades. The only downside is quite a big one. To actualy be able to go to the trade that you are viewing you need to buy premium on the site using metal and keys. Depending on how much you pay depends on how much premium time you get.

Trade.tf video guide - N/A



A TF2 Trading site where you can put up advertisements for your items. Either to sell them or buy other items using your own.

Very useful for getting trades.

Bazaar.tf video guide - N/A (there are a few written guides out there)



A TF2 Trading site where you can put up advertisements for your items. Considered the best site for putting advertisements for your items. I Highly suggest this site as I have used it to get quite a lot of trades of this site. Very similar to Bazaar.tf but I would recommend this over bazaar because it is slightly more advanced and user friendly. Also very good for finding advertisements of people selling items you might want to buy.  

Tf2outpost.com video guide (English) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=95TmlL_tEIQ

Tf2outpost.com video guide (English) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=79DFURg7HMc



Thanks for reading I hoped this helped you!

If it helped you in anyway I would love if you could check out my youtube where I will be putting a video guide to TF2 Trading.

My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNMB4H8jFXicirC70RvLGw


If you want to contact me for trading questions, add me on steam. (If I get to many adds I will have to start unfriending after)

My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DominicNS/

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>sees 1 post user post a actual good guide

>checks to see if it is copied and pasted instantly

>it isn't


Good job on your guide! Hope you bring the forum more of your guides and ideas! because we are all to lazy to.

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You should add buying keys for a ref lower and reselling to bots using classified

This isn't efficent at all and is a waste of time as people can easily list a key for just a scrap under and you'll have people flooding you to buy it anyways.

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This isn't efficent at all and is a waste of time as people can easily list a key for just a scrap under and you'll have people flooding you to buy it anyways.


I made like 10 refined in an hour back then. Not a lot of people bother doing that. I have had friends with boughts who autobuy 1 ref more than what I buy them for.

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