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Help me pick out a bike colour.


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So, I'm getting a bike soon. Pretty soon, in fact. It comes in two colours: Yellow and Black. Usually, I don't bother with public opinions and I just go with whatever I like, but in this case I've been in a deadlock for some time now. I figure I may as well factor in what the public thinks: 


Some things to keep in mind:

>I have always considered Red and Grey to be my favourite colours. Normally this would influence me to take the Red bike, but the Yellow one seems... Something about it is keeping me from making what should be an easy decision.

>I am incorrectly using Maymay arrows.

>My entire wardrobe consists of Grey, Black, White, Blue. And an occasional brown pant or two.(Yay for rhymes!) (Yes. Just these colours. I don't know why, but I only wear these. My mother says my colour blindness affects my clothing choice since I am able to "identify" these colours easiest and thus feel "safer" or "less confused" or something in them.) The reason for me stating my wardrobe is so you guys could tell which bike suits and would match my wardrobe a bit better.











pls halp idk wat d0

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I know this isn't an answer, but I think it will help.



Flip a coin, heads is yellow bike, tails is red bike. Believe with all your heart that the decision of the coin will actually determine the outcome.


If you are disappointed by tails, then you should probably go with heads. If the outcome pleases you, then you know what to do.



I've made a lot of tough decisions by flipping a coin, because often times you can't judge which of two things you want more, but if you feel forced into one side, the relief/sadness accompanying is usually an indicator of which one I truly wanted.

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By bike I was sure you meant bicycle which would have made this thread infinitely funnier.

I was disappointed when I saw it wasn't a little 16" single speed huffy with pegs on the front and back :(



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What about a Burning Flames bike painted A distinctive lack of color assembling (a.k.a rainbow)? 





I bet you didn't even click on either of my links. They're motorcycles. Your maymay would've been much funnier if you had a motorcycle rather than a bicycle. GG 

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